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I will bring freestyle strong again to dallas texas!!!!

Hi everyone! I go by the name Veterano .. for those who live in the Dallas area, they might recognize me as I am the MAN who has made reggaeton music still LIVE in Dallas.

With my website, I do a weekly show with video on saturdays promoting reggaeton, but I have also had freestyle singers like Tora, George Patino, Danny Damian, and Leo de Leon in the show.

I LOVE freestyle music and will do the best I can to help bring it STRONG back to Dallas!

As of now, I am streaming FREESTYLE saturdays 6pm central time non-stop til 2am or might just leave it running until sunday afternoon.

Depending on how much love I get, I will keep doing freestyle streaming.
Please go and show luv by going to this link ==> .. remember, Saturdays 6pm central time FREESTYLE ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!

Also, check me out LIVE 8:30p central via .. thnx everyone for your time and I hope I didnt bore you
Visit my site DTown Reggaeton Time
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