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Wow that was deep. Sought out soul living in the dark.Lonliness is not defeated in this poem.Sounds like a soul behind bars Over comed with the mind playing tricks on you. rushed with a force of failure feelings not true but the minds scenery is like a film in it self playing.sorry i do have quite the imagination .anxiety and depression from Being a lone and hurt.almost a mystery but deeply felt. I love How it's expressed i'm not a professional but i know freehand writing when i see it. and you just let go huh. that's what i do.... i love it. girl keep them coming. a lot of pain,Suffering and mystery something like tales from the crip mixed with a great imagination and feeling. correct me if i'm wrong. but any how who am i . i love the work..keep it coming.I got the message [email protected] @**^^
my heart sends vibes to my brain,and releases it through my vains,lyrics unleashed through my hands,experience is written on paper through my's never's no's my sign in life "that i'm alive.i write for soul, i make it my goal..
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