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So true.. I have that found that kind of Love after all these years.. Not sure how I lived w/out it..!

Originally Posted by Enigma
You can have the money, you can have the cars. You can have the fame, the glory...but if you don't have love you don't have anything.

Isn't that crazy?

The power of love. Everything that is in matter that comes from this Earth does not fill that empty void that one carries within when they are lonely. Nothing can buy that nor create it with Earth's riches.

Love sometimes can be hard to find. A real love. A love that you know it was meant to be. The love that is true is the love that you know deep inside you will die with her when the time says its time to go.


P.S: Im over here behind my computer just thinking. :smirk
"Don't leave for tomorrow what u can do today" ::aangel
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