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Talking 2 funny

One day, three friends, John, Sam, and Billy, were driving on a long road in the midlle of now where when their car broke down in front of a farmer's house.

While the friends were trying to fix the car, the farmer came out with a shotgun screaming, "Get off my property or I'll shoot you all and kill you!"

They friends began to beg the farmer to give them a little more time to fix their car.

The farmer said. "I'll make you a deal, if you all can stick one piece of fruit up your butts without laughing, then I won't kill you."

So John grabbed a peach, stuck it up his butt and laughed so the farmer shot him.

Next Sam took a grape stuck it up his butt, laughed and was shot.

So then Sam and John are in heaven and Sam looks at John and says, "Hey, why did you laugh?"

John says, "The hair on the peach tickled my butt and made me laugh. Sam, why did you laugh when all you had was a stupid grape?"

Sam replied, "Becuase I looked over at Billy and he was carrying a watermelon!!!"
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