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Sorry everyone i have been very buzy the last week to get on CF and see whats new.

I can shed some light on the Track by AM.

I helped complie the Cd with Odeon records back in 2000 when they Released it

here is some more info about the artist

The Things You Do to Me performed by AM was released on Nov 26, 1996 on AVP Freestyle Compilation, Vol. 2[CD Hot Productions 33170]

she then released another track on the Freestyle Dance Factory, Vol. 2(Jun 23, 1998) [CD Mic Mac 1455] I Have Learned performed by AM / Alicia

She also did backup vocals for Freestyle Dance Factory, Vol.1 (Oct 21, 1997)[1997 CD Mic Mac 1451] I can't remember what track she did the backup vocals for.

I hope that helps you out

Sorry agaian for the delay
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