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Re: hmmmmMMM :O(

Originally posted by Mandy
Hey...SiNgLe oVeR HeRe...single because i choose to be lol Id rather be with someone special, but Ive settled for less before and got my heart broken :O(! I dont want to get hurt again, so even if it takes my poem I posted...Ill wait for that one TRUE LOVE that I can give my heart to and Love AlwayzZ. The problem I came across is that most guys have had their hearts broken or have "cold hearts" and seem to not even know what love is or know how to love even if they could. I want a guy who is ready for love...and is honest, loving, funny, committed to our love, and has goals in life...and loves freestyle lol. Where are those guys out there...i ask myself...To the guys NOT all girls are "crazy"...if you hurt them or use them or find a wacky one, they will be. Plus if you rush into a relationship....then you wont know how the person really is til its too late. If youre friends first...then their true self will be revealed, before you get too emotionally my advice is LOVE TAKES TIME...but also "love cant wait for too long..." so you have to find that happy medium. Love is worth all the time, work, pain, and effort...if it works out lol SoooO be careful who you give your heart to...make sure theyre giving their heart too. "two hearts beating as one...we can do nuthin wrong.." Best of luck to all you single peeps. and LMAO @ freestygal....i hear more morons lol

hmmmmmm mandy? how old are ya?????
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