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I never knew how hard it would be to get ahold of Sweet TB's song "Crazy". Peter, Bassbump, and Francis, thank you guys for supplying me websites but apparently, the links are all dead. When I emailed the webmaster for a new link, he send me a new link but apparently the language was in German. The cd compilations, you guys suggested apparently have already been out over a year and i've checked tower records, virgin records, amoeba records, street light but they no longer carry it. I really want this song but i totally have no way to access it. If anyone has the song on mp3 format, can you send it to me or trade. I know everybody wants to keep freestyle alive but it also depends on your geographic location to whether it's still available to you. I'm about to give up on this song and it's ashame that a freestyle fans like myself can not access songs we're searching for even if we wanted to buy it because the place that carries them are so limited. Thank you for tunning in to my miserable search and any form of help will be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day.
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