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yes, i agree with all of you's. water is the best. my personal fav is aquafina. holllaaa, infromqueenz's son. lol. anyways, i stopped drinking soda a long time ago, it's been a few years. that's all i drink is iced tea too. i don't keep soda in my house. the only time i drink soda is at family gatherings or when i eat out. i think soda dehydrates your body and keeps asking for more.that's why you should grab a bottle of water instead of la soda. even though we have to have it once in a while. lol. i drink water at work and when i'm at school. believe it or not, last semester there were people drinking soda in the morning, like ten o'clock. i was like hell nooooo! i couldn't do it. just obey ur thirst y toma la agua!! well guys talk to you later.
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