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Originally Posted by frankie
Actually in all reality-you should lose respect for PETA they are haters/extremists,their as bad as an horrible cult.No one has the right to tell you what to wear,eat,or anything, this is America.
Correct frankie this is America but this is not entirely our world. We share the world with animals too. And if Im correct animals were on this Earth first. Though we are the stronger species thank goodness for weapons (lol)...we should respect their territory the way they respect ours.

Remember also that an animal can put it's life first to save you aka dog

I myself am guilty of eating meat...but I can't help it...its the way I was raised up...though I eat mostly chicken though but still lol

And I am strongly against people wearing fur...I just find it kinda funny the way they flaunt an animal's skin around...yeah its valuable alright. Just imagine if another type of creature were to wear our human skin on their bodies...wonder how that would feel. lol
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