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Originally Posted by bkleinhe
Ok so first problems were with the server move....that was a big pain in the ass. We just completed upgrading to the latest version of vbulletin today. I'm sure there will be some took six hours to complete the upgrade and it crashed the PLEASE REPORT ANY ANOMALIES! Next step is a new design. Whenever I buy a site I always like to get it up an running with on the latest platform and then I usually, slowly, sweep away old designs and implement my own...once desing changes are done then we move on to implementing new features, new organizational structure and NEW TECHNOLOGY! Not to metion fixing the existing stuff... I didn't see this thread until today, so please keep on posting...I'll read them all as time progresses! Thanks! Brent PS I don't know what the benefits are of the new upgrade...I am researching that right was a pretty major there must be something!

we need our chat room maybe more smiles
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