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...and while we're bragging about how great Club Freestyle is compared to New York Freestyle, check out the Alexa ratings for both sites.

New York Freestyle - 571,669
Club Freestyle - 1,414,194

The higher the number, the worse the rank. Yahoo has a rank of 1. Google has a rank of 2. So for a website that's been around for nearly a decade with hundreds of thousands of more posts, (and no logo!!) it's not getting even half the traffic that New York Freestyle is...

It was a great run, CF. Don't get me wrong - I do love this place - but I don't find it very appealing when the new owner bashes my site...

And don't give me any nonsense that Alexa doesn't matter. Thousands of marketing firms use Alexa when considering buying advertising on websites. I'm talking large companies like American Express.
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