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Logan sit's down relaxing in front of the small fire that is cooking his food while not too faraway criminal activity is taking place. A large truck has pulled up to a small clearing in the jungle where there are some suv's parked. A man walks up to the truck and ask's the driver a question.

(Translated from Madripoorian)

Man1: "Is it all here?"

Truck driver: "Yes it is."

Man1: "We shall see."

The Truck driver brings the man towards the back while others with guns step out of the suv's. The deal is made and a large briefcase full of money is exchanged for some serious firepower, weapons for some serious action. The suv men are now to grab large weapons.

From a distance a sound is heard from one of two guards standing near a suv. The man is spooked and looks around and see's nothing. He is not sure what to do.

Guard1: "I think there is something here?"

Guard2: "What are you talking about? I heard nothing. Stay off the drugs man!"

Guard1: "I am serious I heard something!" They say lately there have been some killings around here."

Guard2: "There are always killings around here. So what?"

Guard1: "I am serious damnit!! I heard about some strange killings with men and missing heads and..

Guard2:"Probably other yakuza."

Guard1:"No listen!! Missing heads and skin too! Some people are saying it's a demon in the jungles!

Guard2:"Demon? Oni? Ogre? Non of that is real!"

From a distance at the truck there is a skirmish. Men come out of the back of the large truck with large guns. Apparently someone doesn't want to share and a gunfight erupts. The two guards take cover behind the suv's.

Guard2: "See what you did! Distracted me with this demon nonsense!!"

Guard1: "Shut up it is not nonsense!"

Guard2: "There are more things dangerous right now than some fake demon!"

Suddenly guard2 is standing up and writhing in pain. the first guard see's two strange blade like points sticking through his comrades chest. He then hears a voice. "Demon, Oni, Ogre?" and then suddenly he see's a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the shadows and then a monstrous figure appears and dissappears. Then guard1 drops his gun and is very afraid and runs into the jungle.

The creature then rushes towards the fire fight and sends two flying blades to some of the gunmen and begins to sever their heads. From the distance the gunman can hear screaming and knows it is the demon that is killing them.
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