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Since when is putting accapellas over instrumentals wack? That's the type of shit real DJs do. One thing I have noticed is that mix tape kings such as Kid Heartbreak, DJ Miracle, and Juan "Too Big" Perez do sometimes become lazy and slack a little bit on their mixes. But this is probably because they each put out so many tapes. The thing that puts Kid Heartbreak above other DJs is that you'll never hear him off beat or have a tape with less than 75 songs, some of which are new and unheard. Also, he be kickin' that hardcore New York style that the real headz wanna hear. The only way I see someone legitimately not liking that shit is if they're use to the mix tapes that are spead up all fast. But if someone is a real freestyle head, they'd wanna hear the shit the way it's suppose to be, not spead up all fast like house music.
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