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What do you want to see with ClubFreestyle????

Ok members, I want to see a lot of posts to this thread.

As you all know, JackG has left cf, and we are going to be owned by a new Admin, Brent.

Brent says he has some ideas for the site, and I'm sure that all of you have ideas as well.

I created this thread specifically for members to post up what they would like to see at ClubFreestyle.

feel free to post up any ideas, and let's see what everyone thinks.

Please rememeber, that just because the ideas are posted here, doesn't mean that it will actually happen. CF is Brent's property, and in the end, he will have the final decision on what will be here and what will not. But please don't let that stop you from posting up. Your idea might become a reality.

One thing I ask, is that members keep this thread "on topic" and not "threadjack" it with various comments. Post your ideas, or build on the ideas of others, but keep it on the changes you want to see on clubfreestyle.

Thanks everyone! Now.......let's see those ideas!

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