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Yeah if youwant to learn about not only Mobbile markets or club programming this is the place to go. Mobile Beat also does one in LV. I go every year to the DJ times one. The have contests at competitions for the djs at the locol clubs. 1999 I won the vynil spinoff at club deja vu there in AC for the DJ times expo. My friend and former boss Frank Garcia has a booth and does seminars there on the techniques and myths of beat mixing as well as how to DJ. He even has a school for it here in queens and videos on the subject. Through him I got a gig for that 1999 expo helping out Pioneer when the 700's came out. I was demoing the product. that was fun & I got a Jacket from Pioneer for it. (No free equipment bummer) But if you ever want to see a sick convention where literally there is a Gorilla and a chicken running dow the halls of the Taj Majal go to this event it is Fun!
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