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Originally posted by freestylefreak4
I believe that freestyle is a preppy thing... but since that freestyle has the latin hip hop flava to it. who does it appeal more to???? Preppy or Ghetto???

I think freestylefreak4 was just asking a simple question. "Who does it appeal to more?" I dont think he was trying to stereotype whether freestyle is a preppy or ghetto thing (those are just universial words that everyone knows). I thought it was a good question because to me it was asking like what types of people listen to it more. I think it's interesting to know the different people who listen to it because where im from only my friends who rollerskate or are latino listen to it. Wow hekt...i didnt picture you being preppy...i think thats cool. I know freestyle is for everyone, but still in certain areas theres always people who it appeals to more, you know. So i dont think its a stupid/lame/lacking substance question its cool to see what types of people like in other places. i think a few replies were alittle harsh like "grow up" ouch
its just a question we dont have to get personal. Anyways...peaceeee out I love freestyle and whoever i meet that has never listened to freestyle...i try to get them into it, no matter what background they have.
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