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damn this is a good subject. i knew sumin was different about the Maribel's "Roses Are Red" & "Don't Make Me Promises"<--which i do not like. La Rissa is a different person now and the one who performed as the La Rissa wasn't even the real singer. I mean if you heard her you would definitely know! spanish fly also went through this. the spanish fly during the song "precious" was originally of lorenzo ramos and rodney mahem. however ALEXANDER replaced rodney for vocals so it was sorta like a milli vanilli thing but only one real singer Lorenzo. i heard there were at least other Debbie Debs from the original. and there was tka with the adding and leaving of members. also sweet sensation it was made into a 4 girl group after the oringal 2 back-ups left. cover girls, in which angel left and returned and left again and leading vocalists were changing. there's also rumor that Elissa did vocals on "PUSH IT IN" a non freestyle track released under TIRA BLACK. and the there's Emotion In Motion who's had a numerous change of members!
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