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Why People so F*CKIN' greedy & nosey !!!!

Check this out last night one of my co-workers left me a voicemail but my phone was off so he called one of the maintenance guys. The guy from maintenance authorized him to leave the problem as is, so he went home & left it @ that...not why I'm madd. What pisses me the **** off is that he's maintenance WTF does he know about management ????? Check it tho what put the mother****in frosting on the cake is this shit, the other maintenance guy comes in this morning hears us talking & said he's calling my boss, cuz he could've got 4 hrs overtime for hungry prick !!! By him calling my boss my employee gets ****ed, I mean cmon now all this ****in drama for 4 hours OT, some people are real F*CKIN winners. He (maintenance guy) then comes & tells me when I'm alone, you know I'm callin your boss. I was like do what you gotta but the old man is gettin screwed over this, not his coworker (other maintenance guy), which is who he's upset with. His reply to me was I don't care there is a difference between friends & coworkers, no one here is my friend....I'm glad he came out his neck like that. I replied (with a smile) it just better not **** with my check, that is all I'm sayin'........
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