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    Luna Records

    Luna Records was based out of Hartford Ct . It was distributed by Hot Productions It was founded by Victor Luna Hartford Ct who now promotes nightclubs and brings acts to the Tri State Area. YThis is the most current info as of yesterday 860-983-5629 WWW.VICLUNA.NET...
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    Need Reps All over the World

    Are you considering a part-time job to make ends meet but don't want to be away from home even more? If you can spare 5-8 hours per week, then I can show you how to make an extra $200-500 a week. Don't get stuck making minimum wage when you can work on my team and be making full-time money in...
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    Rare New England Freestyle Records For Sale

    Thats some rare vinyl . Put up the Ashley Dont let me go Nightmare Records
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    Club House Dance Music Top 25 of 2009

    Its sounds sweet. Listening to the show from CT.
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    Free Freestyle Cd Give Away

    This offer will be available until the Cds run out.
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    Free Freestyle Cd Give Away

    Im in the holiday spirit. This offer expires when the stock runs out. I am giving away Ashleys Here We Are Maxi Cd Single . This is a pressed CD, with all the artwork etc... Just email me your mailing address to Drop Ashley a line and say hello @...
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    Its been a long time

    :animal0019:Just stopping in........ Im glad to be back.
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    The Biggest Freestyle Concert Of The Year!

    This concert is huge because its at Foxwoods New MGM Casino. Right in my back yard only 35 minutes away. Ill be there..
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    The Latyn Boyz

    Good luck trying to find the Latin Boyz Only came out on 12" Vinyl. They also had another song entitled Close my Eyes. Both songs were on Millionare Records
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    Ashley Here We Are

    Still available ...... Special discounted price for mentioning this site I would like to hear your thoughts on My lastest single Here We Are. Your feedback would be appreciated. __________________ Amor Siempre , Ashley
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    Ashley CD Here We are

    Ashley Cd Cover Here We ARE
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    Kenny: Im doing fine, Ashley doing well. Ill tell her you said hello .
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    hating ass bitches on this forum

    No hating here. I love TKA Saw u at Mohegan Sun Casino in Ct not long ago. Awesome show. Security was assholes though could get close to say HI.... I would like to see Aby maybe return to the line up or do a special appearance. Is there any possibilities of that?
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    Freestyle Artist Ashley
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    Ashley @

    Check out Freestyle Recording Artist Ashley. Thankyou for everyone support .
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    Mohegan Sun Arena, April 14

    I ve been to allot of shows in my life , It was nice to See . I was by the side of the Stage and Was trying To get Sal A attention , but the Wanna be Mohegan Sun Security Guards were being pricks . The show was nice Sal A & The promtors did well. Noel Got the Hugest Standing...
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    Is It Worth It??? Freestyle on Ebay

    Some pieces are worth more than to collectors . Ive had people buy 12" vinyls from for a weeks pay ....
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    WKTU NO New FS on Tonite's Free For All

    They incorporate new Music whenever they can . I want to personally thank James Anthony for Spinning Ashleys Here We Are on previous Ocassions. We appreciate the support. Keep up the good work. Peace
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    Nyf Exclusive!!! K7/tka-raw!

    I really enjoyed the interview . I respect his honestly and really handled the tough questions . I think a serious reunion with Aby.... would be so cool.
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    Ok, Who Wants To Really Do Something...* Producers, Remixers, Etc Read *

    I agree with Elear " In Paradise " that remix would be bangin....