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  1. Hakim

    Sleeves of Maxi singles

    Hi everyone When i search some singles of latin freestyle in Maxi vinyles , i noticed that they had no sleeve. Does existe for example s sleeve of the single dont go breaking my heart from Sa-Fire ? Or this single was sold with a generic cover ???
  2. Hakim

    Instagram of Freestyle Artists

    thank you so much
  3. Hakim

    What About Company B

    Hi Everyone When i go to discogs on Company B profile , the story mentions average 8, 9 woman members of Company B . There were so much a turn over that i cant tell who is ont every picture of Company B. Some tell that Charlotte mcKinnon was the real voice but was not member in the beginning...
  4. Hakim

    Scars of Love by TKA

    Hi Everyone Does exist a video clip of Scars of Love ? There is not a lot of video clips of their singles . I found X-Ray Vision but not their furst singles even on youtube.
  5. Hakim

    Blogs of latin Freestyle

    Hi everybody I live in France ands it's difficult here to know news about latin freestyle . And my english i basic too . I wonder if it exists some blogs or websites about latin freestyle with regular news , even if it's about old songs of latin freestyle ? Thank you in advance
  6. Hakim

    Instagram of Freestyle Artists

    Hi everybody ! Can you put on this topic : all instagram of the singers of freestyle ?
  7. Hakim


    Sorry for that . My english is bad :D Thnak you anyway for your attention :)
  8. Hakim


    Dania was produced by 20 Fingers . So Good ! I have a french podcast about eurodance here :
  9. Hakim

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    Why Naughty Girls from Samantah Fox is not Latin Freestyle ? Her songs owns the characterisitcs electronic vibe from latin freestyle . I know she is a pop singer but when you listen naught girls , also with Full Force , it seems really to be a latin freestyle song
  10. Hakim

    Lil' Johanna

    what are the name of these 2 versions ? Radio edit ? Club edit ? other ?
  11. Hakim

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    Is Real Love from Jody Watley a Latin freestyle song ?
  12. Hakim

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    Thank you very much ;)
  13. Hakim

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    For the case of Samantha Fox , she is clearly a Pop/Synth Pop singer but this track is for me a latin Freestyle sound . Full Force are featuring on this song too
  14. Hakim

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    Thank you for your answer I live in France and i didnt have the chance to live at the time the evolution of freestyle I listened at the time most of famous latin freestyle but i didnt know that was a specific genre , even the name "latin Freestyle" i heard it later thanks to the internet
  15. Hakim

    Freestyle Mix for ya!

    Thank you DjVinnyFl for sharing
  16. Hakim

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    Thank you Steve for your answer ! And what about Alisha & regina for these 2 songs ? And
  17. Hakim

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    Hi everybody Sometimes , pop artists did one or two freestyle songs like Deborah Harry, Samantha Fox , Emjay ... I found a lot of websites which attribute these 2 sounds like Latin Freestyle genre. Can you confirm if these songs are freestyle ? -First : Tell it yo my Heart from Taylor Dayne...
  18. Hakim


    Do you listen Eurodance ? I dont know if this kind of music is famous in USA ? But some american artists did eurodance like 20 Fingers, Reel 2 Reel and even Lil Suzy like for example with her single "When I fall In Love " Eurodance was very famous in 90's in European countries with big...
  19. Hakim

    Freestyle radios on TuneIn

    Hello Everyone! I listen a lot of radios ont the TuneIn App. Could you recommand me Latin Freestyle Radio who are include in TuneIn ? Thank you in advance