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    Tribe - Just you and I club mix

    i hope some one can hook me with this song thanks all
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    Where can I find? Summer Rain

    abt summer rain i have it on lp's but the needle of my technics is broken so just give me time till the begining of new month so that i get paid my salary to buy a new needle and i'll record and send it to you
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    Where can I find? Summer Rain

    This is summer rain by belinda Carlisle
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    If anyone knows this song..

    one of the hottest songs ever
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    Best Keyboards & Synthesizers

    korg triton is good but the best of all are roland products
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    can anyone give advice

    " how to go about " is really hard but try Propellerheads Reason a very interresting software and music production console but it's very hard and will take a lot of time to learn it but it deserves a try
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    i have the song clean version ripped of original cd pm if interested
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    Body N Style - Listen to My cries

    i used to have the maxi and i sold it out i recorded the club mix all the other versions suck if u r intersted lemme know
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    In need of someone to master!

    open the wave file in an audio editor and download a direct x plugin called izotope ozone it comes with built in presets and should do any kind of mastering operation u may need all you need in this procedure is good pair of ears and everything else is a piece of cake :)
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    Mega Mixes or Edit Mixes

    both ways work you can mix just like live mixing with sound forge but u have to have the enough experience to do that and if u r good in sound forge and you know the rules of the games you can do anything software or hardware
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    software to put vinyl on computer?

    i recorded over 1000 lp's in the past five years the best way is to connect ur turntable to a mixer the connect the main out of the mixer to the line in in the pc and record using sound forge (don't forget to connect the ground cable on the mixer) get a direct x plugin called sonic foundry...
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    Miami Dance Freestyle, Vol. 2
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    Summer Girls

    i have it if you want it Pm me
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    Samples, Clips, Edits for mixes??!!! Djs help!!!

    as i replied first every thing you want is found on harris Simon - Beats Breaks & Scratches Lps they are about 12 volumes
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    Samples, Clips, Edits for mixes??!!! Djs help!!!

    here's a link i found on the net
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    Samples, Clips, Edits for mixes??!!! Djs help!!!

    hey man go to music stores and search for :HARRIS, Simon - Beats Breaks & Scratches they come in Lp format and they are about 12 volumes (12 lps) all the samples you are looking for are found in them also in the Dmc competitions Dj's mostly use these effects i used to have them and i remember...
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    Lil Suzy Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think his name is Crystal Waters but i dunno anythink about him
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    A Zillion Kisses - Tommy Page

    I have a version called Pwl Mix
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    i have a lot very very lot of patience it will take a long time to make me angry but when i'm angry i destroy things curse and swear a lot i usually hit my head to the wall and i beat everyone around even if he sayin hi ! but the last this happened was about 2 years ago so i'm considered very...