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  1. RENEE

    Hey Guys~

    Hey guys, wanted to take a minute to introuduce myself, yes im new to this site but not to freestyle and the freestyle world. LOL Alot of you might remember me from Clubfreestyle and all the freestyle shows and hang outs from wow like 5 years ago. Im Renee... Im looking foward to reconnecting...
  2. RENEE


    Well i guess I have to re introduce myself since its been SOOOO Long since i posted. I was one of the ORIGINAL members YEARSSSSSSSS ago when Jack G started this. I have alot of catch up on LOL Im Renee, 32, NJ...Use to be here 24/7 until i guess i just stopped LOL Got busy and stuff and this...
  3. RENEE

    Help with a song

    WHo sings the freestyle song...I don't want you back, you lied to me, your love was a deceition oh can't you see? Is that facination?
  4. RENEE

    WB'S Superstar

    Now I don't even know where to start about this show!!! It is a shame that I can get a laugh off this. But in all honesty that is one F***ed up show. How can they do that to people who have a dream, tell them they are great and lie like that. I mean for the really talented it is all good...
  5. RENEE

    Congratulations to Jillian!!!

    Guess what?? Our little Nena, Jillian, (michelle's daughter), was chosen as a finalist in the National American Miss pageant for Junior Pre-teen New York in July!!!... :dancingb We are taking her to a workshop so she will learn how to talk, walk, etc, all that pagaent stuff!! She is real...
  6. RENEE

    Puerto Rico 2K4

    Check this out: Hello. U might remember Jaidie from the Freestyle days on Cutting Records w/ hits like "Answer My Cry", "Far Away" & "Love You; Love You".... Now performing the official theme song for this years National Puerto Rican Day Parade..... "Puerto Rico 2K4". Feel free to visit our...
  7. RENEE

    Angie Martinez on 105.1 this morning OH MY!!

    Did anyone hear that Shiat this morning, ANGIE doen't know who the father is of her baby. ANgie and the potential father's wife was on the morning show of 105.1. It was crazy. I didn't hear the whole thing, she has like 3 potential father';s. AND YOU TALK ABOUT JLO!!! And the shiat is Angie...
  8. RENEE

    Brenda K Starr at Krash

    I'm going to try attaching this....I have a few pictures of Brenda K Starr on Saturday at Krash. One is with her alone, one with COro and one with me. We were all chilling in the back. Yo Brenda is MAD COol....SHout out to her. That is the first time in all my years going to shows that i have...
  9. RENEE

    Jagged Path

    This is one that related to my life no to long ago, reading it everyday helped me realize that this is not the life i want and i started to do something about it... Jagged Path This never-ending circle Must let up sometime I must break free eventually And follow that straight line Its...
  10. RENEE


    Confusion I sit down to write a poem But the words just don't come out Instead deep in my head Is full of confusion and doubt No words I put together Are making sense at all Just jumbled up feelings Protected by a wall You see I have been hurt So many times before When as I walk out...
  11. RENEE

    My words for the day are:

    I know we have all been through this one right? You got it you got it bad When your on the phone, hang up and you call right back Your got it you got it bad When you miss a day without your friend your whole lifes off track Know you got it bad when your stuck in the house your don't...
  12. RENEE

    Judy Torres at StoneWall Tonight

    Anyone going? It is her record release party. She will be singing her new song for the first time!
  13. RENEE

    Take some Time

    Take Some Time Take some time to know me, girl, Before you turn away I've got some feelings for you, girl, I don't have every day. I think I see some things in you, I've never seen before. And when I look into your eyes, I know there's so much more. So, take some time to know me, girl, And...
  14. RENEE

    Life's Highway!

    LIFE’S HIGHWAY By RENEE GAUGHRAN She gets me down It gets me up This world lets me down What is left of this mess that is called me life Like the remains of a party after the guest Fun at first, but a mess to be left I do not think before I act So therefore, these are the consequences...
  15. RENEE

    I will never stop loving you....

    You know who you are, the time that we shared, never forget i will ALWAYS care and be there!!! Life takes you in so many different directions, no matter how hard you try sometimes things are not meant to be. How can you love someone more then yourself but yet finally be strong enough to move...
  16. RENEE

    March 18th at the Copa

    Anyone going to Copa for KTU thing on the 18th? I thought this whole time that is the concert you guys were talking about, yo I’ve been gone too long…lol
  17. RENEE

    Hola CF

    Hey what's up CF. Long time no speak, For those of you that don’t know me yet, I’m RENEE, I’ve been out of the loop for a longgggg time, for those who do know me hollaaaaaaaaaa.. What up to my long time peeps, JACK G where are you baby? Nayaaaaaaaaa I’m looking for you PM me, Kenny and Diane...
  18. RENEE

    Good Morning CF

    Just want to say what's up, i promised that i would try to come on more offen, but i nevr forgot my peeps. Just passing through spreading a little freestyle love.. Renee
  19. RENEE

    Freestyle Softball was th BOMBBBBBB

    What up CF, i'm so sore to even type from 4 hours of softball yesterday. What to say what's up to Legit and Artie, you guys rock!! Shout outs to out hero ALEX for rescuing the only ball we had from the SHout outs: First off to my baby Michelle, i'm so glad we got to play ball...
  20. RENEE

    I missed it..:-(

    I am so pissed i never came, what happen was...before the show i went to a lesbain wedding heavan's nightclub, i was suppose to come up to exit at like 10pm, but i had one too many hennies and forget it i was ripped, the wedding was cool, i never saw that before so that was an expereince for...