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    Tribe - Just you and I club mix

    i hope some one can hook me with this song thanks all
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    funny 3 ?

    a roach playing with an ants team why a foreign player
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    funny 2

    a fool shaved his moustache when he enters to his family he said : what's this new look i didn't know you all
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    doped person 3

    somebody asked a doped person : how do you hunt rabbits he said : i would hide and make the sound of a carrot
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    funny ?

    a lion saw a black woman , she said : please don't eat me he said i'm forbidden from barbecue
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    doped people 2

    a high person called the restaurant and he asked : do you have dinner ? they say yes then he said : why didn't you invite me over
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    doped people

    a doped person fell off the 4th floor people gathered around and asked him what happened he said : how the ehll should i know i just arrived
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    question ?

    back in time when the songs bad of the heart of goerge lamond was released all the dj's including me bought the maxi in the middle of the clubmix the cartridge "jumps" just like a cd scratched so i asked the other dj who have bought this lp they all have the same "jump" at the same place so...
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    Some info ?

    any one knows what happend to Steve "the Razor"Picardy the remixer of the famous Bad of the heart (razormix) and many other songs i searched on the net with nothing to find his website ( is closed i'm a big fan of this guy please any body knows any info about him provide it...
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    ??????Stevie B ???????

    does any one know info about the remixed version on the B side of Stevie b's - girl I'm searching for you Lp
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    any body knows this song (male artist) ?

    it's a lie and your playing again with my heart but i knew that right from start you've been tearing my love apart your words came true tell me what to do coz u've gotta know i'm in love with you oh i should have known better
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    id this please

    lyrics go like this it's a female artist : baby i need you hear with me because i tried to make u understand i want u each move you make i realize u r the right one for me
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    This is long !!!!

    Please Can you help me with some info about this list (in which cd's these songs are found) : Love at First Sight - Demetri One more Day - Romeo I Guess I Was Wrong - Leenda In Time - The Vivid If We Never Say Goodbye - Marano & Phillips Diamond Girl - Nice & Wild Be Mine Tonight - Promise...
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    anyone ?

    hi guys if any of you ever used to mix songs on pc using native instruments tracktor dj i would like to know if this program supports two sound card you know for cueing to the headphones and the other is for the main mix i don't wanna buy a sound card and then put it away if it didn't work i...
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    hi guys if anybody has : i could never love someone like you by maurizio and would like to share i'll be gratefull :)
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    not hard !

    can't forget the feelings that i had for you i hope that one day you will have them too i know that one day u will want me too take a hold of you and never let you go
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    does any body know

    does any body know if someday by miguell rayes is available as maxi single with more than 1 version and if so some info please :)
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    you and i had such good times summer sun was on our minds stars were always shining in our fantasy like romeo and juliet telling love with no regrets coz we knew all along our love was meant to be
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    any body?

    hi folks if any body have experience in usb midi keyboards i used to have creative prodikeys it's like a toy (not pro) now i bought the m-audio evolution but i'm having a problem with latency it has a big latency time about 1 sec i was offeref to trade it for roland or korg i don't know if...
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    hey guys this is a tough one

    i'm sure it's and old song (before 1990) it's by a female artist i used to have on copmpilation white label lp and i lost it :( the lyrics go like this :Tell me what goes on in this heart of mine everytime i think of you could it be that i was falling in love ...... well these all i remember...