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  1. chairman_of_the_board

    Excellent "new" freestyle track, mixed in 1988

    New song by an artist who goes by Violet Sky. This is a song that did not have a singer for over 30 years until Violet Sky did. As you can hear from the track, the song is from 1988 , which is why it has that genuine old school sound. It is a great upbeat track that reminds me very much of...
  2. chairman_of_the_board


    Yes! Eurodance is excellent. One of my favorites have got to be Dania - She Won't Know
  3. chairman_of_the_board

    august top 10

    Charlie Rock - She's My Baby Love GT - Not A Second Time Alexander - Forever More Cylvia - Someone To Love Sammy C - A Distant Memory Alyssa Milano - You Lied To Me Saundra Williams - Free Girl Neanna - You're My Special Love Alix - Pay The Price Rahn - I'm Leaving You Let me know what you think
  4. chairman_of_the_board

    tracks looking to purchase

    Hard to come by, but if one of you have got them and want to sell let me know. Arlin Nadlli - nobody's gonna break my heart Ebony- crazy love Jean- you know you want it Varell- love was never enough (
  5. chairman_of_the_board

    Advice for Up & Comer Freestyle Artist

    Same here guys, any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated for us!
  6. chairman_of_the_board

    help me find a freestyle song?

    absolutely, the track is "this time," by Shianna. I just put it up,
  7. chairman_of_the_board

    help me find a freestyle song?

    I found the song, thanks anyway everybody
  8. chairman_of_the_board

    help me find a freestyle song?

    hey everyone, can anyboby help me find this song. it is sung by a woman, it sounds more like newer freestyle very 90's sounding. its time, its time to say goodbye - my heart cant take another lie. its time, its time to say goodbye - i know you know the reason why. so many times, i have given...
  9. chairman_of_the_board

    My Top 10 List

    Something about You're the One for Me by April, every time I play it, it needs to be LOUD!!!
  10. chairman_of_the_board

    A Few Lesser Known Freestyle Jams

    Very nice list! I always liked M:G a lot.
  11. chairman_of_the_board

    what is this song? help

    thank you, Frantic. that is the right track! i havent heard this song in over 15 years.
  12. chairman_of_the_board

    what is this song? help

    hello all, this song is sung by a female singer. i can feel the passion burning hot, (forgetting next few words) you've been working overtime, so i had to fill between the lines. gotta find someone special, ill just dance all night, to break away from you, gotta keep moving. everytime i fall...