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    I like this one! Marty
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    Queen rockin with Paul

    Tokes i agree that it's not the same without freddie but do you appreciate it as a different sound at all with Paul Rodgers?
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    Queen rockin with Paul

    my brother and I are both huge Queen fans and we took our dad to a Queen concert at the 02 in London for his birthday and it was amazing.. we were both skeptical about Paul Rodgers' singing but dad wanted to go so we went.. man were we wrong.. the guy is a smooth fit with the rest of Queen and...
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    Daz Dillinger

    Who else is looking forward to Daz's new album, "Only On The Left Side" (to be released 8/12)? I tend to be very picky when it comes to hip-hop/rap artists but I have always been a fan of Daz. If you haven't heard any of his new music you should definitely check it out...