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    Just thought some of u might wanna read this.... The Freestyle Movement Can We Get A Remix? by Sofia Quintero More than a decade before Ricky Martin was "Livin` La Vida Loca" and Jennifer López first asked "If You Had My Love," a wave of Latino singers ushered in what was arguably the...
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    No more ghost mode??

    Is it just me or did ghost mode disappear?? What's up with that, some of us like keeping a low profile around here. :bangbang BRING IT BACK!!!! PLEASE :o
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    Hiiiii haha yes its been a while since I've been up in here, I but I need some help :heee Sooo next month I'm going to be 21 and I want to do something to celebrate with all my friends. I wanna go to a club but not everyone will be able to go for whatever reason so I was thinking about...
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    GRRR I'm soooo mad......... I went to this 'party' at skool tonight which I didnt plan on goin to but went last minute. I was on the elevator with my friends and my other friend was outside of it. He wanted to keep the elevator open so he threw an umbrella to make the doors open again........and...
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    I just found out Celia Cruz has just passed away. Im not sure of the details yet. May she rest in peace. :(
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    MIAMI (June 19) - Two radio show hosts who duped Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez into believing he was speaking by phone with Cuban President Fidel Castro now claim to have similarly tricked Castro. A recording provided by the Cuban-American radio announcers has a man they say is Castro...
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    ::::NEW PiC::::

    MARCH 2003 :p
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    GOOD MORNiNG!!!!

    Just wanted to say hiiiiiiiiiii I hope you all have a great day :p
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    ..::..summer Plans..::..

    Summer is right around the corner, :dpeaceare you planning on taking a trip somewhere? If you're not going anywhere, where do you wish you could go? What was the best vacation you've had? :sunshine I'm bored humor me :p
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    I'm taking my road test today at 11 and I'm sooooo incredibly nervous :crap Wish me luck :p
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    Hey everyone!!!!!!! Just poppin in to say hi. Ive missed soooo much around here, been really busy at school. I hope everyones doing great. Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there. And good luck to everyone who has finals comin up :stoned
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    :hbday Happy birthday!!! Wishin you the best today and always!!!!! I hope you have a great day! :timetopar :hearton
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    Did anyone watch this new MTV show last night? I thought it was funny :p basically they play tricks on celebs and punk em lol ;)
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    HAPPY BiRTHDAY SLiM!!!!!!!

    HAPPY B~DAY TO YOU!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish you many many more :cparty :hearton
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    Hellooo Everyone!!!

    HEY boys and girls :p whats up?? Hows everyone doin? I havent been posting much lately, been kinda busy. I hope everyones doin grrreat. BTW whos goin to parti gras? :D
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    SiMPSONS 300th EPiSODE

    Who's gonna watch tonights 300th episode?? 14 years of the Simpsons!!!!!!!!!! I luv them :hearton
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    Just stoppin by to say Hi!!!!!!!!!!! :hearton
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    2/21 C & C Music Factory featuring Trilogy

    C & C Music Factory featuring Trilogy performing live "Boricua Anthem" Friday February 21st at DNA in Astoria.
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    Does Anyone Know Where

    Noel lives??? I swear he lives around my way, I've had two sightings already lol. I saw him today walking down the street and was just staring at him and he just looked at me and kept walking lmao. So anyone have any info let me know maybe next time I'll say somethin to him :p
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    KTU Stream is back

    YAY KTU is streaming again!! :)