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    Song Help #2 (Different Song)

    Hey Again. I donno who sings it. The name of the song is Can You Feel it. Lyrics: Can You Feel It In The Air In The Air It's everywhere. Thanks !
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    Song Help.

    Please Help. I've been asking everyone about this song, but no one seems to remmember the artist nor the name of the song. A girl sings, and she keeps on Singing "Let me do my BEST for you". I can only remmember a little of the lyrics, but they go in this order --> Im into you, and you are into...
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    Awsome Song, Need Help Plz

    Please Help. I heard this song not too long ago on the radio. Has a freestyle Beat, and a girl sings. The lyrics are repetative. Goes something like this, 'Im into you, and you into to me so whats the deal ' ... 'I'll do my best for you' ... I thought the name of the song was My best for you...