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    So we're back - and better than ever before...

    I didnt realise the site was down,I guess I havent been here in several months..... Im glad its OK though Sal!!!! -- I hope you are more active buddy :)
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    [Quiz] Which led zeppelin song are you?

    Ya you could be right.... I took the test again and got the same!!!!!!
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    Stevie B

    I just got his 2nd record (In my eyes - 1988) and it sounds excellent! (Alot of records that late do not sound good in analogue (On the record)) I would say every song is good on this!!!! The first song I ever heard from Stevie B was years ago "Because I love you" (1990) and that song is good...
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    How far can you make it?

    I just tried again and did crappy!!
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    Dont jump in this pond!

    The guys an idiot,he had to have known what he would look like after :D
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    Anyone fancy a theory test?

    Not a bad score for not driving :) I am surprised I did as g00d as I did!!
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    Licking Ass!

    Well I hope you guys have had alot of fun since starting this thread :)
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    Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers For 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

    I dont reallty care to see it Kenny........ I only recognise the original 3 movies :)
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    Nancy Sinatra's forgotten disco hit

    The song "Kinky love" in 1976 Im actually not surprised it was forgotton,NOT VERY GOOD!!! I wonder what Frank thought of it?
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    Anyone here have a Facebook account

    I do all I can to avoid that intrusive site very much so.... (I value my privacy)
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    Wow alot of smoke!!

    These guys are lucky it didnt come off where it was doing this INSIDE!! (LOCAL MEDIA PLAYER TO WATCH (WMP,VLC,etc......))
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    [Quiz] Which led zeppelin song are you? I got STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN but the description DOES NOT FIT ME AT ALL! Ah man!!
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    Sal Collaziano

    People dont realise how bad FB really is!! I prefer sites like this :)
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    Lets all chat...

    Yup they sure do Sal :) Lets meet up sometime,I would LOVE talking voice with ya!!
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    Lets all chat...

    Ill be checking the bridge today!!!!!! Lets all talk :)
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    Sal Collaziano

    Ya I sure love that song alot :) Yes the activity has died down to almost nothing here and on newyorkfreestyle....... Its really sad.......