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    .~'InnoFUzIoN ReCoRdS'~. EYE ][ EYE

    I'm answering this post a little late, but hey I understand you have only made one album (InnoFuzion) in addition to your previous singles I know some of your songs that I do not place in any release, such as "Lost In Your Eyes" or I promise You "Spanish version, I love all your music, it would...
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    rar freestyle cds (frankie boy, rochelle, vla, holy cole, timmy t....)

    I never seen a picture of these singles : Frankie boy she's leaving , eye ][ eye my one true love and we're meant to be ... they must be very rare
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    In my country eurodance was also very popular in the 90s but I prefer, in addition to freestyle, R&B, Electro, Pop Rock
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    This CD is out of print , never sold on discogs

    Thank for your time you bro , I already checked out them but the physical CD I have not found anyway he is active in social network and his songs available to download
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    Freestyle Songs or Not

    In according to discogs Baby Talk is Highnrg and synth pop
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    Freestyle Songs or Not

    All the songs you listed are not actually freestyle but I leave you these songs that maybe they were not supposed to be freestyle
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    This CD is out of print , never sold on discogs

    I'm looking for Felix - Don't Cry Over Him (Album CD) from detour records . I read that this cd was only sold to a limited extent on the detour records website and so far I have not met someone who has this cd or the CD "SOH Music Tech ... Of An Original Persuasion" where the original version of...
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    looking to buy the Mp3 from Ale I wanna know

    I have some vinyls and CDs rips , write me of you're interested