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  1. BabyBeTTYBooP

    House/Dance Music

    What are your favorites "House/Dance" songs? Making a house/dance CD here...... Thanks :)
  2. BabyBeTTYBooP

    House Music

    What are your favorites "House" songs? Making a house CD here...... Thanks :)
  3. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Congratulate my "Honey"

    My "Honey" retired from the Military. 20 years of honorable service in the Air Force....what a beautiful ceremony. Thanks for all you did, in protecting our country babe, Im so proud of you. :cheers I salute you! We met 4 years ago when he re-enlisted for the last four years, and wow those...
  4. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Music Software

    Can anyone recommend an easy, manageable, simple to use music software, that you can create a simple playlist , and not be so complicated. :sadsmile Music Match Jukebox is making me go :sround
  5. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Freestyle Benefit Pictures......

    Yeah I was there...... :dancingb LOL Just Kidding These are Robyn's Pictures. She asked me to edit them and post them here you go mama....enjoy!
  6. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Gang Initiation....

    I just received this warning at our office....... Police officers working with the DARE program has issued this warning: If you are driving after dark and see an on-coming car with no headlights on, DO NOT FLASH YOUR LIGHTS AT THEM! This is a common Bloods gang member "Initiation game" that...
  7. BabyBeTTYBooP


    :nah Do you make faces when you're cutting paper........LMAO Im here cutting some papers and I see myself making a crazy if Im cutting with my Think about it? LOL
  8. BabyBeTTYBooP


    Have you ever went to an event/gathering and got intruduced to someone...and as you went to shake his or her hand, the eye contact gave it away that he/she was also thinking Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!.....and at the end you had to say, good bye and see ya! Well it happened to me...
  9. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Soldier Songs

    Im having a party for my "Honey's" Military Retirement.... Does anyone have any suggestions on soldier songs.... I have... Hero - Mariah Carey Soldier Heart- R Kelly Help me out with a few more Thanks
  10. BabyBeTTYBooP

    DJ Paradise...

    Have you ever seen someone from CF..... on the streets and wondered if that was them? Today, I saw him/her and when I went to call their name, to say hi, he/she drove off.... Guess who I saw...... I've met them before.....I wonder if he/she would know who I am? Guess Who? :idea LMAO
  11. BabyBeTTYBooP

    We Won!!!

    We WON!!! District 38 Council Member was re-elected .. I keep my job for the next 4 years :yeey...... It was a hell of hard work but we did it......and we're off today :lol
  12. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Firefly Mobile Phone

    Yesterday I bought my 11 year old son a Firefly Phone. He just entered JHS....Its a phone for kids.....this thing is so cooooolllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz..... :timetopar I can have a peace of mind at work, he called me this morning to tell me, he was at school. Hurray... At 2:30 he will turn on the...
  13. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Wondering where is everyone at.....

    :nah I know. I am there in :dancepuff .....LMAO
  14. BabyBeTTYBooP

    My baby...

    is in JHS.....ohh my... my son came home excited cause he said JHS was fun, I tell him what you do in school today, he tells me I like going from class to I tell him, just watch as when the days go by. :losmile
  15. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Has Krystal

    posted on the board.....??? she sent me a blank email :huh Subject: Re: *677 Cell faeture EVERYONE should memorize!!!! Date: 9/6/2005 4:45:42 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time From: Ia Ia Ia Iick It Reply To: To: BaByBeTTyB00P CC: BCC: Sent on:
  16. BabyBeTTYBooP


    works! Any one has wondered if ProActiv work, Ive spent hundreds of dollars in acne medication and nothing like ProActiv..Ive notice a big difference already....I feel better :) Has anyone tried it???
  17. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Wanna Laugh

    I have a Freestyle on-line friend who lives in Texas, that is sending me a Money Order, so I can buy him, White Castles and mail it Overnight to him...he is so excited....Gravin the White Castles!! See the priviledge of living in NYC :) :yeey
  18. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Hello Again

    Hello Gang.....Just came in to say hello, and since I see some of the old friends online tonight, thought I hollllaaa Whats happening????????? Happy 4th Of July :girl
  19. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Does anyone know....

    or knew of a group named "spirit matter" - a friend of my sister, knew this group years ago and hes trying to find some of there music.... :dancingb
  20. BabyBeTTYBooP

    Hello People.....

    Hello People.....well to the old Freestylers......who know me.....:wave....Just wanted to say hello, stopped in to see whats happening in here??? Give me some quick scoops......LMAO....The get-together.....whos meeting where, I want to go to a show, its my birthday time of year once...