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    Dark October...????

    I recently received an email from Dark October, and they are currently updating their website!! Org, I got your email, I did respond to it, check your email!!:)
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    Dark October...????

    ok I heard that song by Dementia, and i looooove it. I want the CD!!!!! Yahaira your affiliated w/ Dark October?? You need to hook a sistah up with some info..I want this cd!! Thanks!!!:D
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    Q102 Hung Up On Me

    ^5 (high five) to joe... I guess I not the only one that has that problem with radio stations when I request freestyle. They either, never heard it, or can't play it due to what their superior has them play for the duration of their shift. All I hear on kiss 98.5 is NYSYNC, Britney Spears...
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    Dark October...????

    I emailed them at I got one response, but they didn't answer my question, so I emailed them again and got no response. So...who knows!! <shruggin shoulders>
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    Dark October...????

    Orgntr1... Thanks that would be very helpful. Thats cool, maybe I can get my hands on it since I live 45minutes from Rochester. Thank you ekin got rice and orgntr1!! muahhh;)
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    Dark October...????

    I heard of a group called Dark October and that they are a freestyle group. Can anyone tell me more about them, like how their music is, where they from and so on..??:confused:
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    Happy B'Day Naya!!

    Happy Happy Birfday Nyasia!! <singing> :D
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    When Its Time

    Unfortunately it happened to me. I dated this guy who I really thought was the "one". He had everything I was looking for. I even told my family and friends I thought he was it. But slowly his true self started showing and he turned out to be someone he wasn't. I kept holdin on thinking I...
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    Im Confused/Tramatized.....

    LOL @ Leben...must be some pic!!:p
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    Beckyyyyyyyyyyy....heyyy girl!!!!....welcome!! Good likes!!
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    Freestyle Clubs

    Helrazor.. I hear ya on area plays some freestyle if any. when they do no one knows what it is, so forget requesting songs. The events calender is for NYC area which is 5 hours away from me. Correct me if I'm wrong Jack, if the calender covers other areas please, let me know. So i...
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    Times on Forums page

    Speaking of times on here <scratching head> I think my clock on cf is wrong, is there some way to fix it?:confused:
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    clubfreestyle desk calendars

    Hey..I like that ..i would buy one.
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    Latinheat.. Thanks so much, your a sweetheart!! I'll check it out.
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    Kenny... I was thinking about that...I used to have vanity plates b4, I'm not sure if I would do it again though.:)
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    Hmmmm Jack, maybe a possibility with this frame logo huh. I see Kenny now has the CF logo painted on his ride...looks niiiiiice!! lol imagine me turning in my car after the lease and them asking me what the hell is that painted on my car...hehehe. If not I wonder if there is companies that...
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    Kenny!!!!! Very nice I like it u & the logo...caliente baby!!!<oops was that out loud??> See Jack..what about ppl who got leased vehicles...I want CF on mah car, but cannot be permanent. <wink> :D
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    Last Cd Everyone Got?

    Last CD I bought was Freestyle Parade 2k1 cd#1, I have yet to get my hands on cd#2!!
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    Happy Birthday bigMARC!

    Happy Birfday!!!!!! Awww see..I'm gone for 2 months and I missed BigMarc's birthday!! Well Happy belated birthday BigMarc...<muah>!!! When do ya want your birfday spankings??? hehehehe
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    Yay the 2nd CD is out..gotta order it..I'm still cracking up from the 1st one, the beginning of the cd and #7..hehehe. Keep up the good work Willie!!:D