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  1. Heartbrake

    Do You Really Think That There's An Afterlife???

    I believe when we die, we sleep, until Jesus returns to earth and raises us for judgement, but I do think there is something to your purgatory remark.. perhaps ghosts are in pergatory (Ghostly form) to relive certain negative moments in their lives over and over until they find peace and can...
  2. Heartbrake

    Remember Pablo Toto?

  3. Heartbrake

    Remember Pablo Toto?

    Yes Pablo and Freddy were very good friends. Last time I saw Pablo (who was a close friend of the family back in the days) he met a beautiful woman and was moving out of NY. This was after his songs made noise. I do believe he is Puerto Rican though he did look a little dominican.. lol.. He was...
  4. Heartbrake

    Your favorite song of the K7 & Ty bless album

    Chuck, I agree with you... Music is Music, and when someone has talent it shouldn't be pigeon holed to one "Genre". Artists should take chances, go places with their music that challenges their vocals, their writing ability, the musical capacity of their souls, which is where the song comes...
  5. Heartbrake

    Happy Birthday heidee14!

    Hilda, (who I love Ricky Martin Vicariously thru) LOL.. May you have a wonderful Birthday ma, may all your wishes come true and may this birthday be one you will always remember. You are a beautiful person and deserve all the good things that life has to offer. God bless you and again... HAPPY...
  6. Heartbrake

    = = Another Prayer In Need = =

    My prayers are with her and you during this time pa. Stay strong, I know God will pull her through. God bless you both!
  7. Heartbrake

    Your favorite song of the K7 & Ty bless album

    Kayel, your longevity in this business speaks volumes to me..I've always been a huge fan of your music (though I love your STORY writting also) LOL.. It doesn't matter to me if it's Freestyle, R&B or Jazz... you are a talented performer and writer and you and the Swing kids put on a show that's...
  8. Heartbrake

    Farewell ClubFreestyle from Your Founder, JackG

    DaGreek sent me to this sight from LF in 2003. Told me there were people here who loved my song even after all the years that had passed. Said I should come to this sight and look up DJ Paradise. I came to check it out and I have to say, my life changed from that day. You, Jack G, treated me...
  9. Heartbrake

    Heartbreak - I'll Never Stop Loving You edit mix

    LMFAOOOOO @ Chuckie!!!! OMG!! For the life of me, I'll NEVER forget that moment.. EVER!!! LMDAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  10. Heartbrake

    Heartbreak - I'll Never Stop Loving You edit mix

    Yahi... Thank you mama!! Big Hug to you.... Muuuuahhhh! Eddy... I appreciate you diggin the vibe pa! Let me know how it sounds in the ride! And Thank you for the support.. it means so much to me!
  11. Heartbrake

    A few more pics from Martini Lounge...

    Thank You Tae... Sorry it took so long for me to answer back.. I been sick.... but it was so great to see you and MzCrazy... Big hug to both of you!
  12. Heartbrake

    MTV plans a Madonna-fest

    I'll be sure to watch this Chuckie.. I loves me some Madonna!
  13. Heartbrake

    Happy Birthday HennyLuv!!!!

    :cparty Happy Birthday Henny!! I'm sending you good psychic vibes that all your wishes come true! LOL.. Friends for life pa! Big Hug!!! Sorry it took me so long, but I'm feelin like Mierda and just got up .. that NyQuill made me sleep!
  14. Heartbrake

    mzcrazy and taes (krystal nite pics!!)

    I was so glad to see you both Tae and Nina... what a beautiful couple! God bless you both! Big hug!!
  15. Heartbrake

    To Everyone Attending The Concert Tonight

    Yes he was.. lmaoooo.. Ed.. you are too much! But it was great to see you.. I knew you'd be there...
  16. Heartbrake

    Saturday Afternoon shoutouts!

    HEY I'm here tooo!!! LOL HI EVERYBODY!!!!
  17. Heartbrake

    Freestyle Aid pics

    Is that a pic of Chuck with TONASIA??!!!!!! LOL. LOL... Great Pics Chuckie!!! Muuuuahhhhhh!!!
  18. Heartbrake

    Benefit Show; Last Night!

    All I can say is how proud I was.. first, of the people who under the stressful conditions they were faced with, brought it all together.. Martin, Naya, Rio, Nelson, and Vanessa, you truly made last night a success and I KNOW it was not easy. By the way Vanessa.. very classy, the gifts for the...
  19. Heartbrake

    Shout out to everyone.. Benefit just 3 days away!!!

    Well, if Chuckie won't SAY it... I'm sure gonna still THINK IT!!! LMAOOOOOO! Feel better Brklyn...LOL