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    Your Biggest Fear

    im afraid of ANYTHING BAD happening to my kids and DEEP WATERS...i cant swim so the ocean is hell for me cuz its deep and dark and i dont know what the heck is below me!
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    Favorite T.v. Shows

    Sex and the City- HBO CSI and CSI Miami-CBS
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    After Midnight

    i just had some sour cream and onions Lays and zesty bean and cheese dip and WATER but i usually eat anything
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    Your Profession, Career, Job, etc.

    the last job i had was as a Correctional Officer at Dade Correctional Institution. the pay wasnt all that and the job was very stressful but surprisingly the inmates made the job fun!
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    Cf Late Night Posse

    GN late nite freaks!
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    How You Doing?

    im going to sleep soon... how you doin?
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    Any females here have freckles?

    i have a few on my face and on my body but you cant see them that well cause theyre light but the ones on my back are dark. i hate them!
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    Christmas Question?

    I just want to have less stress in my life but since thats not likely, I want to learn to ride a motorcycle (street bike). That's one one the things I want to do in my life before I die.
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    Christmas Tree.....

    Tradition in my family is to put it up before Thanksgiving and take it down Jan 7. It makes me sad to take it down cause I love everything about Christmas, especially the smell in the air, but at the same time its a symbol of a New Year so its all good.
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    Fav. scent either on a person or for the home

    I love Contradiction from Calvin Klein on myself On my guy Curve smells really good on him but then again anything smells good on him For my house I love to try different scents (i love candles and plugins)
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    How You Doing?

    oohh this is so twilight zone... I GOT PRINGLES TOO whats your flavor?
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    Celebrity Look a Like?????

    do you talk like him too?
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    Cf Late Night Posse

    good nite Krystal
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    Celebrity Look a Like?????

    i've never been told that i look like anyone but i was told that my lips are like Charlize Theron's and my honey always compliments me on my lips.
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    How You Doing?

    p***y wussy Yeah single to pringle lol thats cute im LMAO
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    I Did It

    You go girl !!! good for you and it doesnt seem like you have anything to worry about. You are a strong woman and you will do an excellent job rearing your child. You remind me of me when i was preggy (about the same time too) and i put my babys crib together cause i couldnt wait. its such an...
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    How You Doing?

    LOL... bad boy...DOWN..good boy
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    What Pisses You Off?

    things that piss me off.... bad drivers (let me rephrase.. Florida drivers) sex spam ( i'm a female, no i dont want a larger penis) liars ppl that get all up in your face when they talk to you ignorance rude ppl getting my "monthly" on a weekend
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    How You Doing?

    i think u should! (u said u r single now right? :vamp )
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    How You Doing?

    so how are you doing today, btw?