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    IMPORTANT: Picture attachments are down

    CF Members just letting you know that Party & Event Pictures attachments are temporarily down and they cannot be displayed. So you may want to hold off uploading pictures until the system is up and running again. :)
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    Did somebody lose a dog and a cat?

    I have a puppy here with me...kinda sad looking...apparently one of you guys is not feeding him all that great. (lmao :dgrin) Any idea? Also a cat...white cat, purring...down p***y down!!! :eek: :p
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    Attention CF Members...all attached photos are down

    Just want to let you all know that the photo attachments are down for now, they will be up as soon as we get back up and running strong again. So I would wait if you are gonna upload something. :)
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    Attention all CF members

    You got it ;) I'll go do that right now in Member Photos Forum. :texican
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    Attention all CF members

    Member Photos! and Party and Event Pictures forums, the pictures are down and cannot be displayed/seen. :heee
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    Happy Birthday to Freestyle Performing Artist...Angel Moreno!

    Happy Birthday Angel Moreno! :hbday :cheers :cparty May you have a fantastic Birthday today and many more to come! :cheer
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    Happy Birthday to Freestyle Performing Artist...Safire!

    Happy Birthday Safire! :hbday :cheers :cparty May you have a fantastic Birthday today and many more to come! :cheer
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    Happy Birthday ChuckD!!!

    Happy Birthday ChuckD! :hbday :cheers :cparty May you have a great Happy Birthday ChuckD and many more to come! Don't forget to make a wish! :D
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    Freestyle Greatest Beats

    I agree with you there. The greatest beats have some real nice mixes that you won't find in most of the originals. The judy torres mixes are freakin hot..while the original the mixes she narrarates more in the beginning of her songs; making the song more heartfelt, more compasionate...
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    Micmac......shame On U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dayumm those are hardcore classics. :(
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    ***tickle Your Pickle***

    *oops I stepped in the wrong thread I'll go now :p *
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    Happy New Year CF, friends and families!

    ahhhhhahaha! :lol :o P.S: I hope so too! :stoned
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    Happy New Year CF, friends and families!

    I want to wish you all a super great New Year to you, friends and families! :cparty Here is hoping 2006 will be a year much better and happier than the last. Have a safe night and if you drinking please have a friend by yourside that will drive you home. Bless you all! :cheers
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    Smoothie's Classic Freestyle Adventure......

    This is great news Smoothie I really enjoyed the 11 minute mix CD you sent me! But now a full mix? Oh it's so on! Please make it an hour long and call it Smoothie's Freestyle Get Your Freak On! :stoned :cheers
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    Happy New Year CF!!!!!

    Happy New Year sietz! :cparty Happy New Year everyone on CF!!! :cheers
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    Worst movies of 2005

    The Honeymooners...Ralph Kramden and the Nortons were not black! :mad Stoopid hollywood muthafukas!!!
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    Congrats to cf member/moderator LaMatrix

    Congratulations Lamatrix!!! :cheers :cparty :baby
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    My new baby's first sonogram pic!!!

    Hey that is awesome! Congrats again Dianita! :baby
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    Just stopping by.....

    Hey welcome back and most importantly Merry Christmas! :cheers
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas beautiful Sonya and 1sxylinda!!! :cheers Merry Christmas to all peeps on CF! :cheer