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  1. LaIndia320

    Where is Everyone???????????

    I came in to the site today, I thought the site was gone forever. I am glad I came back in the CF, Hey everyone, Sending you all my love. missed the site.
  2. LaIndia320

    I Have Missed this site so much

    Good After Noon CF Family its been so long, I am glad I came back to visit, I am planning to stick around. How is everyone doing? Yeahh Baby Freestyle for life. :)
  3. LaIndia320

    Welcome back /Active Mod for this section..

    Hello Ladies, Welcome back Mods. I am glad to see you ladies on.
  4. LaIndia320

    new piks

    Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful as always.
  5. LaIndia320

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey FrestyleGurl Welcome back honey I hope everything is fine for you.
  6. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Hey Jen thank you so much ma, Yeah you told me and I thank you for that, We did have a wonderful time, We will do it again one day hoping soon.
  7. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Thanks Mike, I am glad to see you back also.
  8. LaIndia320

    WOW! Cool...

    Me and My fam are doing wonderful thank god. How is you and yours?
  9. LaIndia320

    WOW! Cool...

    Hey Sam, Hey Everyone, I am glad to see you all here.
  10. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Aim yes mama we had a wonderful time. I am glad i went out.
  11. LaIndia320

    Like it or not, CF is back!

    Brett I am so happy that it is back, if you need more mods, I am available. This is great. Thank you so much
  12. LaIndia320

    Happy Valentine's Day

    I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!! Take care and God Bless
  13. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Thanks Crazygirl.
  14. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Tka This was on Saturday we saw TKA Perform.
  15. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Some More Here are some of me, Emy and Queensgurl:animal0050:
  16. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Second Set of Pics Some More Pics of My little angel and friends.:animal0006:
  17. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Hey My Clubfreestyle Family, I am so Glad that we are back. Sending all my love to you all. :animal0028: :animal0006:. I Hope you all like my updated pictures. MU@@@@@ to you all.:animal0050:
  18. LaIndia320

    singles forum?

    LMAO who knows it might right? Yeah Ok, lol. It does stink sometimes, the only love i look foward to is my daughters lol. I Don't depend on anyone else lol. ;)
  19. LaIndia320

    Kutcher Sends 2 to Top of Box Office

    Open Season was hilarious, everyone was laughing from children and their parents. I love it i recommend for everyone to see.
  20. LaIndia320

    singles forum?

    LOL on this one lol.