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  1. Heartbrake

    Shout out to everyone.. Benefit just 3 days away!!!

    Can't WAIT to see everyone there! :dancingb I have this tingling feeling that the night is going to be one we won't soon forget! So make sure you come and show your love for Krystal!!! :fkinaman
  2. Heartbrake

    Roll Bounce... Great Movie!!!!

    Saturday night I went to see the movie Roll Bounce and I just want to say I enjoyed it very much... The old songs they were playin really brought me back and though in some parts it was corny.. it was corny FUNNY... I laughed thru most of the movie.. definitely a feel good flick.. something you...
  3. Heartbrake

    DJP's STALKER HAS BEEN SPOTTED, Can you guess who it is?

    LMAOOOOOOO!!!!! You only get ONE GUESS!!!!
  4. Heartbrake

    A few more pics from Martini Lounge...

    Chuck D.. looking fabulous... Artie, Naya, Martin, Me, &More, Legit and Raquela Can YOU GUESS WHICH BELLY THE BABY IS UNDER? LMFAOOOO DJ Paradise and Rio
  5. Heartbrake

    Prophets Birthday Bash!!

    I just want to say I had a Fabulous time last night! Kayel, Prophet and the guys were AWESOME! They made us feel at home and their performance was off the hook! I'd like to thank them for their kindness and For making my celebration a total success! Leo's rule Prophet!!! LOL.. Oh and uh.. .I now...
  6. Heartbrake

    More Pics from the DJP/Diamante Birthday show!

    My daughter, Naya and DJP... My daughter and Naya....
  7. Heartbrake

    Happy Birthday to my Chucho, Dante!!!

    Today, ten years ago at 6:15 am I gave birth to my last baby, my lovable and handsome son Dante. I just want him to know that his mami loves him more then words can express. The way he is protective of me, the way he always tells me he loves me, and always has a hug for me when I come home from...
  8. Heartbrake

    Happy Mother's Day!!

    I Just Want To Send My Heartfelt Best Wishes And Love To All The Mother's Here At Club Freestyle!! Especially The Single Moms!! Happy Mother's Day!!
  9. Heartbrake

    Now I've heard everything...

    You KNOW things are getting crazy when a Rhinoceros tries to RAPE a car!! LMAO..I just read this story... and I can't stop laughing!!!! Rampant Rhino Gets Amorous with Car Apr 22, 9:50 am ET LONDON (Reuters) - A rampant rhinoceros gave a group of visitors a glimpse of nature in the...
  10. Heartbrake

    Lady visits Doctor....

    A middle aged woman goes to her doctor. She is being examined when she starts to complain to the Doctor that she is experiencing menopausal symptoms and he tells her not to worry.. he will perscribe her some hormones to help her with her problem. He tells her to take the pills 3 times a day and...
  11. Heartbrake

    Feeling guilty, should I be?

    Ok, in not so many words, I would like to give you a scenerio, and the action that followed, and get the male and female opinion on whether or not I made the right decision. My youngest child (male) will be 10 in May. My two older kids are (male) 20 and (female) 15. The older kids have same...
  12. Heartbrake

    Anyone remember Freddy Bastone?

    What ever happened to him? I haven't heard about him at all! Is he still doing music? He used to hang out with my crowd in the Bronx back in the day. He popped into my mind today, so I thought I'd ask.