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    My Poor Little Thumb

    this is a true story! My poor little thumb What have I done I've made you hurt I've made you numb First you turned red Then you turned blue My poor little thumb What have I done to you I will love and caress you I promise solemnly Whenever I use a stapler You'll be my only memory
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    whats your favorite position?

    im a very curious person and i want to know, what is everybodys favorite sex position?
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    where's Brenda K Starr?

    what ever happened to Brenda K Starr? i must say this.. her version of "I Still Believe" is way better than Mariah Carey's (no disrespect to her)
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    new 2 CF

    HI, i'm new to CF and i just want to say that so far i LOVE this site! btw my name is Indiana (no, not jones!) and i love george lamond, tka, nyasia, and so on and on. theres so many great artists out there.
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    HELP... need artists' name

    I'm looking for the female artist who sings this song... nooooo, please don't go if you leave me, i'll die stay, say you'll stay never go away