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  1. LaIndia320

    I Have Missed this site so much

    Good After Noon CF Family its been so long, I am glad I came back to visit, I am planning to stick around. How is everyone doing? Yeahh Baby Freestyle for life. :)
  2. LaIndia320

    Happy Valentine's Day

    I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!! Take care and God Bless
  3. LaIndia320

    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Hey My Clubfreestyle Family, I am so Glad that we are back. Sending all my love to you all. :animal0028: :animal0006:. I Hope you all like my updated pictures. MU@@@@@ to you all.:animal0050:
  4. LaIndia320

    Here I am ~@LaIndia320@~

    Hello Everyone, I am finally here I have been so busy with work, school and my little princess. I wanted to come by and say hello to every one here. I will be around once in a while. Thanks for having me here. :) :)
  5. LaIndia320

    Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone Here.

    Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone Here on CF. Enjoy and be safe.
  6. LaIndia320

    WOW, My Delilah

    Started her first day in Pre-K. I was teary eyed, but i am so happy. I wanted to share this with my CF family. :mdance :cheers To my little princess.
  7. LaIndia320

    Another CF Member from New Orleans

    I know we all have been here speaking about the devastation in New Orleans. Well My CF Family, Both Steve and I have a Friend, She goes by the name of Michelle who lives in New Orleans, She goes by the name of "Diamond Girl31159" We have been trying to contact her, but there is no way of...
  8. LaIndia320

    ~*~ PricanPrince & LaIndia's Weekend ~*~

    1~ Delilah 2~ LaIndia and The Girls 3~ PricanPrince & LaIndia
  9. LaIndia320

    A Message From LaBettyBoop

    She said she has been busy and But she hasn't forgot about CF but she has been busy with Things at home. She will be on soon. Yvette I hope the Kids get well soon and that you will be back soon. Congrats To Jonathan on his Graduation Day. "Tell everyone on CF I said "hi" please. I miss...
  10. LaIndia320

    Happy Father's Day!!!!

    I would like to say Happy Father's Day to all The CF Daddy's and Single Mommy's holding it down for Their Children. Our Children are our Future. :cheers to All The Fathers and Mother's Out there.
  11. LaIndia320

    Jazzy's Wedding Pictures

    1) The Beautiful Bride!!! 2) The BMW Limo 3) Her Cake (Delicious)
  12. LaIndia320

    CF Join Me in Warm Wishes For My Friend Jazzy4U

    ~*@*~Congrats to Jazzy4U & Nathan~*@*~ Hey My CF Family, I want to let you all know that its one more day For Jazzy and Nate's Wedding. I would like to say congrats to Jazzy and Her Fiance Nate, They will be Getting Married Tomorrow. :cheers to you mama I love you so much. Mami Thank you so...
  13. LaIndia320

    My Copa Group Pictures

    Here goes Some Pictures.
  14. LaIndia320

    ~*@*~My Copa Shout Outs~*@*~

    I would like to say my feet are killing me lol. Well first and Foremost I would like to give a special Shout out to PrPrince MyOnlySweety Jazzy4U LizT Delisious Jessica MU@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ to you girls and of Course Mi Principe Mu@@@ amor Thank you sweety. :1luv A shout out to ChuckD...
  15. LaIndia320

    Saturday CF Shout Out

    Feel Free to shout out anyone and everyone, MMj@@@@ to my CF Family. To the ones on and The ones that are enjoying this weather. Mu@@@@@@@@ DJ Dee X-Man, DjCaliente, djxxxtc, freestylemasters, Gornicevo, MalibuDelo, Michael "Kidd" Gomez, MonaLisa, oppositeme, PURE TREND PrPrince, Jazzy...
  16. LaIndia320

    My World Delilah

    My world revolves around you, I wake up in the morning and thank the lord for you my love. I thank him for the day you were born into my life. You are the angel that makes me strive for what want to achieve and keeps me living day by day. You are the smile upon me, that has me happy...
  17. LaIndia320

    ~@~Un Pasion~@~ ~@~A Passion~@~

    I wrote this Poem in Having this special person in my mind. I dedicate this poem to PrPrince. Mu@@@@ Chulo. Thank you for being you papi. Spanish En la noche, me quedo pensando en ti. Pensando en todo lo que hablamos. Pensando en tus palabras tan dulce, que me llama y me dice que me...
  18. LaIndia320

    Club Freestyle Shout out.

    *Sophia*, ayna, CandyLandGirl, ChuckD, crazygirl, Dianita, DJ Dee X-Man, DJSCIASCIA, hear say, iris777, kxrider375, LaBettyBoop, Leigh4Freestyle, Michael "Kidd" Gomez, mike4949, muzik, myonlysweetie, nessa's302, PRicanPrince, RomeosBack05
  19. LaIndia320

    ~~~~{@My Reason For Living@}~~~~

    Here goes Delilah once again, these pictures were taking today. Mu@@@@@@@@ Mi amor lindo.
  20. LaIndia320

    ~~{@Delilah's New Pictures@}~~

    Here is my little Angel, she is getting so big.