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    freestyle aid concert question

    how much was raised for krystal ? anyone know -
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    america's next top model - who will win??

    Nik, Nicole or Bre?? I believe Bre will be eliminated in the first 1/2 hour, leaving Nicole and Nik. Nik will walk away with the title. your prediction??
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    does anyone know what the deal is? they haven't had a "miracle on 34th" concert anymore, anyone know the reason behind this?
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    safire & cynthia on ktu today!

    can you stand the rain was played on ktu today and i missed it!! damn, damn, damn!! haven't heard that one in a long azz time
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    NAYOBE working for MIX 102.7???

    In the last couple of days I've heard her name and her voice on the morning show. she apparently is working as a off site correspondent for the station. I've been told that this is the NAYOBE we all know- anyone else heard of this?
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    when u least expect it, you discover a freestyle lover!

    I discover one of the graphic designers at my company is a freestyle music lover! She has a very gothic look to her and I know she's into rock music - well one day not to long ago she step into my office and as usually i had freestyle music on, i believe it was TKA. She said to me oh i...
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    Gilligan Has Died

    Actor Bob Denver , better known to millions as Gilligan from Gilligan's Island has passed away.
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    inside the actors studio with J. Lo

    i happen to be flipping the channel when i came across jennifer lopez on this show on the bravo channel. she speaks of her life, career, etc..... during one segment she is asked why she got fired from a clothing store she worked at during her younger days - she replied - "there was...
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    So how was the Safire show in Chicago??

    anyone knows?? pictures???
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    love is on her mind - safire

    love is on her mind was the next single after boy ive been told, it was just being ship to radio. the record company put a stop on pushing this single because of the increase demand for safire's megahit thinking of you. i remember love is on her mind getting heavy airplay on hot 103 in ny...
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    r u a freestyle stalker??

    have u ever flown to another city just to see your favorite artist/artists perform at an event??? personally i never have, but the thought came to mind when I heard safire was performing in chicago on the 27th of august. i thought about it, but then the scary thoughts came to mind. what if...
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    Freestyle - 2 In A Row

    I am a big fan of the new mix 102.7 radio station in new york. They play a great collection of classic dance music & others. Slowly they keep adding classic freestyle music, most recently music by cynthia & johnny 0 and Coro. Today I notice at least 2x they played back to back freestyle...
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    Good Times

    For those who have enjoyed this comedy series and haven't seen it in years!! Nick at Night is having 48 hour marathon this coming weekend (july 23 & 24) - This was one of the best black tv programs In my opinion! I already have my DVR set up.
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    Congrats To Desperate Housewives!

    The emmy nominations were announced today and my favorite new show of the year received 15 nominations - just about all the leading ladies received nominations except nicollette and eva. i also want to congratulate LUPE ONTIVEROS who played Gabrielle's mother in law on the show. She received a...
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    Ur Favorite News Program

    Whats Your Favorite Morning News Program?? Today Show Good Morning America Cbs This Morning Your Local Morning Program
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    Ur Favorite News Program

    Whats your favorite morning news program? TODAY GOOD MORNING AMERICA CBS THIS MORNING
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    Being Bobby Brown

    Has anyone check out this realty show on BRAVO?? horrible - whitney has sunk to a new low (bobby was already there) What was the reason for this show? was it to clean up bobby's image? it sure does not work. Bobby is stone out of his head and whitney is smoking cigarettes (surprise to me...
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    Anyone here work as managers??

    Isn't it one of the toughest things a person can do? I managed 15 people and sometimes I want to knockem in the head - grown adults and they act like freakin children!! Have you had the same experience??
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    Olympics In New York??

    On July 6, the olympic committee with annouced who will host the 2012 summer olympics. In the running are new york, london and paris. do you think new york should be given the honor? yes or no? and why?
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    Theres a poll on the KTU website - "WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE AT THE NEXT KTU SHOW?" Choices - TKA, TINA TURNER, MADONNA , DONNA SUMMER , SHAKIRA, ALICIA KEYS. Duh! I wonder who they will actually get to perform??? I bet it won't be any of the females listed.