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    OMG!!!!!!! Lisette Melendez and Cynthia join forces?A new album finally from my diva queens.I big fan of Lisette and Cynthia.Can't wait to get there CD. :dj Wow I can't wait to see them perform.Its gonna be hot!!!!!! Im defenitly gonna see them July 3rd at Copa.............
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    Its been a long time

    How u doin???? I haven't been in touch in some time.I miss you all.Hello to all my fellow CF people old and new! Peace, Silentmorning :listen
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    Who was Mr Rogers and Sesame Street biggest fan? Micheal Jackson. :D
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    I just wanna say

    Smile when you had enough :face
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    Check this out

    What do you get when you combine girls gone wild,a hotel,and groupies? KOBE BRYANT...... :bat
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    Celeberty Jokes

    How will Micheal Jackson arrive in Court for his trial? In "Hands in Hand"... What is Roy of Sigfried and Roy new name? Eye of the Tiger... What did one "nut" say to the other? Don't talk to the one in the middle he's a "dick".... How many hit singles Jessica Simpson has? "I have a...
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    And then you were gone

    Once upon a time Time had froze in my mind cause all I thought of was you And then you were gone Once upon a time Time had froze in my mind all I thought of was me And then you were gone Once upon a time I had you in my arms And then you were gone Once upon a time You had me in your arms And...
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    OMG!!!! I know its been a few days but Copa was off the hook! I have to say,it felt like a woodstock theme. I had a great time. I must say Noel was on point!
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    New Pic of me

    :silly What do you think? Hahahahaha!
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    Where are my CF Singles

    If you are single make some noiiiiiise! :rasta
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    I saw Nocera

    She was working at Mickey Dees with Coro.........Hahahahahaha :lol
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    Food for play?

    Is food good forplay sex?You know icecream n stuff like that?
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    On top or Bottom

    Hah I got you!!! You thought I was talking bout sex.Naughty Naughty..Hahahaha :lol
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    About Sex....................

    Have u ever ummm,faked it? :whistle
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    Can you get over a breakup?
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    What my heart has to say

    How I wish I can turn back time Can't believe you were so close to being mine One day you were here and then your were swepted away Inside my heart I wanted to say don't leave me now,please stay Sometimes I say to myself,why didn't I see Why didn't I listen to what my heart had forseen Many...
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    Freestyle Fever 2003

    HOW U DOIN??? Who's goin??? :cheers :afroman :dancingb :fkinaman
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    How can I get a flag (how to use Avatars)

    How can I get a flag Hey, How come I see all these flags representing? How can I get one? This is new....
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    New song from Nicole Daniels

    Hey did anyone hear this new song called Forever by Nicole Daniels? Hot Hot Hot song!!!!! I just heard it on KTU....
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    Has anyone found

    Has anyone found love here at CF? :cheers