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    Most Valuable Collectable Single:

    What would you say is the most valuable and collectable single?
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    What are your 5 Favorite Freestyle CDs?

    Mine are: 1. Sweet Sensation "Time To jam" 2. TKA "Skars of Love" 3. Tiana "Tiana" 4. Shana "I Want You" 5. Safire "Safire"
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    Listen to it here

    Check out the A Plus Power Mix of Bylli Crayone's "Touch Me All Over".
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    Word from Bylli Crayone

    I now have Message Boards on my website. Feel free to pass by and say hi. Hope to see you there ~Bylli Crayone listen to the 'Touch Me All Over" (APlus Power Mix)
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    Its coming....

    Dance Music Recording Artist BYLLI CRAYONE has a New CD coming out on April 15th. Check out the Misc. Plugz for details. Fans of Bylli Crayone will love this. The underground dance hit "Touch me All Over' has 8 new mixes including a remix by Jorge O'Jeda of My favorite mix...
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    New Bylli Crayone CD Info.

    Expected Release Date: April 15th, 2003 Order Online @ No Credit Card Needed! TRACKS LISTING: TOUCH ME ALL OVER 1. Original Radio Version (3:51) 2. A-Plus Power Mix (5:54) 4. Alexid Acid House Mix (3:32) 3. DJ Sky's Trance Anthem (6:54) 4. Sexual Enhancement Mix...
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    Johnny O (Robby Remix)

    The Hi-Energy remix of Johnny O's "Take Me Through The Night" (Robby Remix) will be available for listening purposes on the LawTown Music website tonight. at Come by and check it out! and hit up Johnny O's forum and share your thoughts on this track.
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    Bylli Crayone - Touch Me All Over (re-release)

    Bylli Crayone - Touch Me All Over '03 This is the New Super Mix EP that is coming out soon. It Will feature 7 New Remixes for "Touch Me All Over" and 7 New mixes for a Club track called "Drop Those Pants!". 14 Tracks Total! I remember when "Touch me All Over" was a hoot on
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    Fund Raiser Benefit Concert

    LawTown Music presents a Fund Raiser event! For the children who went through the Ice. Friday, Feb 7th, 2003 @The Galaxia 9 Appleton Street, Lawrence, MA Tickets are $25.00 Performing Live: JOHNNY O JORDAN KNIGHT (New Kids on the Block) JADE STARLING (Pretty Poison) GIOIA (Expose) For...
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    LawTown Music Fund Raiser

    If you havent already heard. Four young boys ages 7 to 11 drowned recently in the Merrimack River here in Lawrence, MA where LawTown Music is located. This hit not just the community but the nation hard. Some of the artists that are at LawTown Music will be performing Live to raise funds for...
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    Live Chat

    LIVE CHAT with JOHNNY O on Thursday, January 16th, 2003 9pm EST. Visit LawTown Music for details on how to get the "INVITE" to CHAT
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    Jordan Knight Live Chat

    Jordan Knight is the Celebrity Gues for Chatat LawTown Music this Saturday at 1pm EST. See you there
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    Celebrity Chats

    Just letting you know that we have started the all New "CELEBRITY CHATS" at LawTown Music. Today "Unanounced" 3 LawTown artists showed up in CHAT an the Fans were loving it. Dance artist: CRYSTAL R&B Artsit: JEFF HAYES 80s Artist: CYNDI LAUPER Scheduled Live Chats: FREESTYLE ARTIST: AYNA...
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    Daily Live Chat @ LawTown

    An invitation to all the fans of LawTown Music. From now on unless stated otherwise. LawTown Music will be holding a CHAT PARTY in the New LawTown Music Chat Room! DAY: EVERYDAY TIME: 3PM EST and another at 9PM EST Talk about everything and everything especially when it comes to the artists...
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    Samantha Fox wants you !!

    To participate in the Exclusive Interview with LawTown Music on wednesday, Dec 18. Email your questions to Samantha Fox to and we will have them for her. Interview will be posted on LawTown Music website the next day. Thanx, Staff @ LawTown Music
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    What Jordan said...

    To the question that is up on this board about Jordan Kights "RightHere Waiting" being freestyle. We brought that up to him in his interview today with Lawtown Music. Here is what he had to say... [Excerpt taken from Jordan Knight Interview 12-11-02, LawTown Music] LawTown: What style of...
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    Samantha Fox Contest !!

    A Exclusive Samantha Fox Contest will begin on Monday the 23rd at LawTown Music. Be sure to keep an eye out! Prizes include Her New CD "Watching you, Watching me" her New DVD "Around the World" and "Posters" and did I mention that everything is "AUTOGRAPHED" by Samantha Fox??? She is NOT...
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    Jordan Knight Exclusive...

    LawTown Music Welcomes Former NEW KID ON THE BLOCK member ******************* JORDAN KNIGHT ********************* On Wednesday, Dec 11th. LawTown Music will be posting its Exclusive Interview with JORDAN KNIGHT online at
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    Party Blast 12-27-02

    New York City's GABEL Entertainment is hostig a RSVP Party for LawTown Music and its guests. The event will take place on Friday, December 27th at the PRAVADA NIGHT CLUB, 116 Boylston st,Downtown Boston, MA. Come join the fun and meet many of the people that make LawTown Music work...
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    Johnny O's "Jealousy"

    Am I the only one who thinks this? I think Johnny O's "JEALOUSY" is perfect for todays music. I can picture the video on MTV's TRL. I know for a fact that JOHNNY O's dream is to win a Grammy for his music. So,lets all email ZYX and ask them to release "JEALOUSY" as a single and get into the...