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    Big Shout Out To Kieth Kemper

    THE ANTHEM GOD! Damn I dont know whats going on with dance music these days cause they arent releasing fast enuff the great Anthems I got slid to me by Kieth Kemper this boy is ridiculous!! He IS The MAN behind "I cant change your mind" *KTU version* I'll be slappin them down on Friday and...
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    Middleman board

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    I happened to get carried away with my home improvemnt decorating ideas for my studio........ And happened to make a potato chip bowl out of an unscratched copy (vinyl) of Sebastian - Losing contol/flipside-destiny tonite Thinking it was a old battle scarred copy of an unplayable metropolitan...
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    does anyone else encounter a brown doggie on thier screen that you chase around with your cusor and never catch here on this site? Jack...... r u messing with my head?
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    Mix show

    Hey mix show peeps I am interested in starting one on live 365 (a thank you Jack) but got wierded out on the application due to copyright questions..... If I recorded a mixed segment I own the arrangement recording and/but not the copyrights of the material that is in the recoding. So its ok...
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    Urban Legends?

    Could be Urban Legend but I was there for the perfromance and that the rumor was spreading on the dancefloor Maribell arrived..... And the crowd was unruly made fun of her because she showed up on the Bus and left on one too. Then she didnt have a great performance and the crowd ate her up...
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    Lamours East

    Wow other than the Jellybean era of the Funhouse for my early club years My Fresstyle beginnings were spent primarliy at Lamours! One of my biggest laughs which went to technical infamy was when Juankato kept producing feedback on I believe Trilogy. I remembered that everyone at the bar...
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    Have you heard?

    I just heard this track and flipped!!!!!!!!!!!! You may have heard it already but but Im throwing down on it right now on a remix this is hot Oh Im talking about Thalia's cover of the Mexican 2002
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    2 cents

    I've been reading alot of stuff all over the Board, and I just want to talk about an experience. 3-4 yrs ago, I got my recording equipment back together and broke out my keyboard and started working on tracks again not because I was going to get rich but because of this. My dear friend and...
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    May 3rd Freestyle show

    I clicked on the tickemaster link and I couldn't find it......I then searched Venues and checked the World and the event wasn't listed? Is it still on?
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    who sings

    Name of the game. I totally blanked and can't remember
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    Denon 9000

    OMG................... That is all I have to say!!! My Freind Frank garcia owns mainline lighting & sound out here in Flushing (Its also a DJ school and record shop) He had an DJ expo today. & for the 1st time I was a customer and not an employee so I got to play with everything and get...
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    I just want to vent

    Kids are being brought into a Rap/Hip hop culture that has clothing, movies, music videos, the fashion world all tied in. Its hard for me to explain but maybe this will get it across. Last night I was coming upstairs when our little imp of a neighbor "Jimmy" 8yrs old all american apple pie...
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    List of New Releases

    Where can I get a list of new releases of Freestyle only. not old school stuff or compilations. I prefer 12 inch mixes or extended singles of new artists and songs. Anyone have a link or a list?
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    This really hurt in the middle of a mix..........

    I was just finished crossing over and found out out hte hard way that my copy of Hungry 4 your love is scratched:crap someone have a copy to sell?
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    corina whispers

    hehehe The Beads
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    Come get my love photo

    Is this La India?
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    OK Here's DJ Soul on the set!

    Yes as you can tell by my funny little hat it was Xmas time! This and old picture but I haven't changed, just the venues! I think it was 1999. It was a Freestyle Jam full of performances by Artie, Chrissy Ieece Sabor Latino Dancers and I think Freddy Lopez too. When I find the other pictures of...
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    Who is/was Lynda the girl who sang with TKA?

    I think she was put with them on just the come get my love single. Anyone know anything about her? Someone once told me she was Safire I didn't believe that.
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    In my quest to finish archiving my vynil, I am am also using a cataloging program I downloaded from CNET. Where I enter all information on the record including the year. Alas I find that many Mic Mac, Viper & Warlock labels did not include the Year on the label. Anyone know a place that would...