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  1. RENEE

    Hey Guys~

    Hey Guys!!! Putana i remember you lol Kenny and Diane!!! Hey Guys i miss you! Yes i want to come out to the next show! Kenny please keep me updated! Who else is here that is from wayyyyy back?
  2. RENEE

    Hey Guys~

    Hey guys, wanted to take a minute to introuduce myself, yes im new to this site but not to freestyle and the freestyle world. LOL Alot of you might remember me from Clubfreestyle and all the freestyle shows and hang outs from wow like 5 years ago. Im Renee... Im looking foward to reconnecting...
  3. RENEE


    Well i guess I have to re introduce myself since its been SOOOO Long since i posted. I was one of the ORIGINAL members YEARSSSSSSSS ago when Jack G started this. I have alot of catch up on LOL Im Renee, 32, NJ...Use to be here 24/7 until i guess i just stopped LOL Got busy and stuff and this...
  4. RENEE

    Halloween Costume Party-date and location change.

    Cool! Me and Michelle will be there too, with a costume...UMMM I don't know about thta
  5. RENEE

    Where is everyone!!!!!!

    LOL i was thinking that too, i'm mad bored at work! :bangbang
  6. RENEE

    Congratulation to Suzane ( Lil Susy) and Mark They tied the Knot

    That is what i want to know. Who's Mark, didn't even know the chick was
  7. RENEE

    Some more Wedding Pics........

    OMG!!! Naya, ANgel is a man I haven't seen him in soooo long, i guess it's true that they grow up way fast. Not to say Anthony, he is a cutie, I can imagine if you have a girl how beautful she will be. You make some Adorable Kids...God bless them!
  8. RENEE

    SF Great Adventure for free...

    Damn, i've already got plans for the Hurricane Harbor on Saturday. That water park rocks!!!! I have a season pass for all three parks!
  9. RENEE

    Mr and Mrs. Santiago-Paradise :)

    omgggggggggg, this is like a fairy tale come true....I'm literally sititng here crying, that is the most beautful words you guys have said to each other, i just want to I am soooooo happy for you! You are the perfect example that true love can be found at anytime, age, place, etc. You...
  10. RENEE

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Santiago

    Naya, Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy that you found your happiness, these leavest he door open and the hope alive that True Love can be found at any time and when you least expect it! I hope to meet your new husband soon..Muahhhhhhhh
  11. RENEE

    Puerto Rican Pride

    LOL, hey Chuck I'm good, long time no see! :spin
  12. RENEE

    Puerto Rican Pride

    Can he make those for us Gay people too? That would be hot with the gay colors, let me know girl!
  13. RENEE

    ~*~How Dare They!!~*~

    Oh boy... :shush :yoomg
  14. RENEE

    ~*~How Dare They!!~*~

  15. RENEE

    Secret Crushes

    ok ok, i will be the first one to tell you who my crush is...You will be super surpised and everyone would of never guessed.........OMG....Here it comes...... Michelle....lmaooooooooooo
  16. RENEE

    For You (To my son)

    YOu know i have to say, in all honesty, i have no children now and don't know if i ever will, but i have never seen a women love her son and be as proud of her son as Angie! Don't say people are tired of hearing about him, angie, he is your son and god's little angel as all the children of the...
  17. RENEE

    ~*~Copa Freestyle Pics~*~

    Hey Violet!! I meant to approach you the night of Copa after you were kicking ass up there with & More...I must say you are a great dancer and your moves are hott! Major props to ya ma.... Renee
  18. RENEE

    Freestyle Fever 2005

    Ivette, we got good pics if i ever get them to you..LOL
  19. RENEE


    Hey, those are some great shots!!
  20. RENEE

    ~*~Copa Freestyle Pics~*~

    Yvette, I am going to put the pics from Mich's camera on a cd and e-mail them to you to post, she don't have her computer up..