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    New Freestyle from Canada - Maximum Freestyle Vol. 5

    Hi there... Just wanted to let you know that Maximum Freestyle Vol. 5 from Ventura International Records can be ordered now at!
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    DJ Magic - This is Freestyle vol. 7

    Artist: Tribe Title: You And I
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    Buying Freestyle In Toronto

    Hello, I´ll be coming over the long way from Europe this weekend. Now I wanna know if there´s any store/person over there selling some RARE cd´s and/or vinyl records??? Please help me out! Thanx! Dan
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    New Freestyle CDs

    ??? Sorry, but who told you that??? I have other information about this...
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    Freestyle Heaven Vol. 6 incl. Partymania Dance Hits Vol. 3

    Tracklisting??? I´m sorry, but where can I find the tracklisting?! If you have it - PLEASE POST IT! Thanx! :walk
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    Freestyle Heaven Vol. 6 incl. Partymania Dance Hits Vol. 3

    Hey... Does anybody know anything about this new release??? Release date should be TODAY! :rolleyes
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    Freestyle Party Zone - CD

    Hello everybody! I need your help please. Could someboy post the tracklisting of the following cd: "Willie Valentin presents The Freestyle Party Zone 2000" (Artstik Records)??? :) :thanks
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    Nu Image The Album

    When will the album be available at, or at another online store??? I´m still waiting! :mad
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    Kid Heartbreak - Freestyle Amor

    Hi there... Just wanted to tell you that has currently five cd´s in stock! Take it while it´s hot! :nutz
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    Hey Francis! Where is the next issue of your music reviews???
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    Power 106 FM - The MicMac Concert

    Power 96? I think there are only POWER 106 and HOT 97?! :confused
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    Miami Dance Freestyle Vol. 1

    Too bad, that there is no tracklisting at But thanx for trying to help :sadsmile
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    Power 106 FM - The MicMac Concert

    Hi there... I need another tracklisting please! "Power 106 FM - The MicMac Concert" Would be nice if you could help! Thanx!
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    Miami Dance Freestyle Vol. 1

    Hi there! I need the track listing of Miami Dance Freestyle Vol. 1 from EXIT Records. Would be nice if anybody could help... Thanx!
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    Larry Vee - Fantasy Freestyle Compilation

    Hi there... I need the tracklisting of this CD! Please help me out. Thanx! :yoplease
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    Canadian Online Stores

    Hi there... I´m searching for the best canadian online music stores. Can you help me? Thanx!
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    run to me dance with me

    Artist: Dario Title: Run To Me CD: Planet Freestyle Vol. 4 (Ti Amo/Odeon Records)
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    Badboy Joe's Freestyle megamix 3

    AKT was banned??? Why?! He did not attack anyone personally! He attacked a new CD-project... This should be allowed on a freestyle discussion board! Just my opinion...
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    Badboy Joe's Freestyle megamix 3

    I received my copy today and I have to say it´s really great!!! All my doubts are blown away now... I think it´s very enjoyable! :D
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    Badboy Joe's Freestyle megamix 3

    I´m just wondering why AKT was the ONLY person which told us that there are no full songs on the bonus cd... Is this written on the cover? You should have declared it as a "free sample cd" or something like that. This could have helped to clear up the situation... I´m not hating... I just did...