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  1. G_I_JOE_EMR

    Long Distance Relationship

    I have a story ...but first I'd like to get everyone's opinion on Long distance relationships. 1. How can you make it work? 2. What channels of communications, aside from emails, can you make the relationship work, specially if it's from another country, where phone calls can really pay a...
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    The "Official" ClubFreestyle self improvement/success thread!

    When I joined CF I was I'm 190lbs. I took it slow but have improved. very happy of my success!!! I am a gym freak, been at the gym for 5 years already. Got to weight 184lbs and was looking great but I was hungry all the time, and practically lived at the gym (2hrs in the morning...
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    This is me NOW!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone. I have been gone from CF for a long time. and I'm back. This is me now
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    Fashion No No's

    Fitness Fashion NO NO NO People who do not frequent the gym on a timely basis, and decide to go workout. Looking like they're about to go clean their house, instead of excersicing. Worn out clothes to workout---pleeeeaseeeee!!!!!!!! I can understand if you're starting out and you're a little...
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    Welcome back /Active Mod for this section..

    HELLO EVERYONE!!!....I've been MIA from CF it's been really long!!!!!
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    X-men 3!!!

    i anna see it!!! kool
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    large collection of freestyle

    I'm interested..more details..offer still available???
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    Where can I find? Summer Rain

    This is not Freestyle...but everyone listens to these..please help!!! this is the chorus "Oh my love it's you that I dream of Oh my love since then I've been somewhere in my heart I'm always dancing with you in the summer rain" Who is the artist? Where can I find it?
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    HELP! please

    :yeah I agree
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    Freestyle album confusion, WHY???

    You Guys Have Me Hooked On This Info!!!!!!!!!! Love It!!!!!
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    Laguna beach 2: Cabo, and drama..again!!

    Ohhh Such Drama..please Alex M She's The Real Drama Trying To Be All Nice And $hi@t Juts Waiting For The Right Moment For Jason To Break Up With Jessica. Come On She Was Just Waiting In Line For Jason--for What!!!! For Nothing!!!!! Then She Plays The Hurt One--please What Goes Around Comes...
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    Looking For Peeps In Puerto Rico

    Hello everyone :wave I know I've been kind of MIA for a couple of months I just wante to say hi!! I've been real busy at my job and cant log on as often as I'd like to. Sometimes I just log on and log off so quick that I cant say hi. Well just wanted to say HOLA from Puerto Rico. Hey if...
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    Happy Hump Day!!!!

    happy hump day :yeey good morning peeps!!!!! :wave
  14. G_I_JOE_EMR

    OMG I'm so nervous!!

    :yeey The best of luck to you!!!!!!!
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    :uzi :confused :read mapa por favor!!!! me perdi en el abismo I need a map I got lost in the abyssss
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    I have a question

    I'VE BEEN IN CF FOR LIKE MORE THAN 2 YEARS :yeey no offense to anyone but I always seem to see this same thread repeat itself!!!!! Hey peeps stop lurking!!!!!
  17. G_I_JOE_EMR

    First Single, "Lately" Mannystylez the Album

    I Want My Copy Please Keep Us Posted!!!! You Have A Lovely Voice And The Song Is Lovely!!!!!