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  1. NVDisMa729

    New Music From Pure trend, Phillip Anthong & Manny

  2. NVDisMa729

    Pure Trend

    Please check out and support his fan page
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    Various 12"s For Sale

    FREESTYLE ABBY LYNN - No More Tears (1990 MicMac Records, Inc. - MIC-540)... $5.00 ANGELA GARCIA - Sounds Of Heartbreak (1993 Viper 7 Records / Metropolitan Recording Corp. - MRCVIP-1007)... $5.00 ANGELA GARCIA - Sounds Of Heartbreak (1993 Viper 7 Records / Metropolitan Recording Corp. -...
  4. NVDisMa729

    What Do You Think........

    My sister just called me & asked me to carry her & her husbands baby for them cuz she cant carry to full term. I dont wanna be pregnant, especially since I just started school last month plus if I was to do this..when our dad finds out even thou I'm 27, I'm the ''baby'' & his favorite & I know...
  5. NVDisMa729

    Did people get the email about the concert tonight?

    the concert aint gonna be held at the Borinquen Nightclub. It's been changed to La Martini Lounge.
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    White Sneakers

    Clean THEM! I don't uderstand y when people wash there clothes they cant put there sneakers to wash also. Dirty sneakers looking all gray :nono
  7. NVDisMa729

    Daddy Yankee Shot?

    I was told today by someone that they read in today's newspaper that Daddy Yankee got shot in his leg.
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    I finally made 1000 posts. :dancingb Thought I'd never make it to 1000..lets see if I can get it up to 10,000
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    This guy on this tv show is saying that if u eat seaweed on a regular basis you will live longer & be healthier.
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    The Surreal Life

    OMG! That Omarosa b1tch is getting on my nerves. She talks mad sh1t but has not yet backed it up. All she does is call Janice a crackhead & a bitch and when she brought her kids in it...that would've been the end for her.
  11. NVDisMa729

    Sup Cf

    I'm here bored in school waiting for the lady to come back & correct my math sheet. I dont know why she bounced when she knows I was almost finished. Wasting my time..actually this class is a waste of time period.
  12. NVDisMa729

    My Collection

    I've become hooked on collecting these. I have 77 so far & still have alot more to get 1-Agonistes (Tortured Souls 1) 2-Lucidnique (Tortured Souls 1) 3-The Sycthe Master (Tortured Souls 1)
  13. NVDisMa729

    What's wrong with mothers?

    I'm watching a show now & I know it's fake on the show but this does happen alot in real life when a woman gets involved with a man & the man becomes attracted to the womans daughter & tries to hit on her. But when the daughter goes & tells her mother..she doesnt believe the daughter & takes...
  14. NVDisMa729

    Really Freaky

    I laid in bed bout 2;30 am last night. The ONLY thing that was in the bed with me was the remote control & one of my dogs. Bout 10 mins later I decided to turn the TV off & go to sleep. So I did & I dropped the remote on the floor & fell asleep. About a hr later, I feel myself waking up & as I...
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    ~**~ It'S ON!!!!~**~

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pissed!!! My mom's friend down the blocks dog got loose so me & my mother were gonna help her look for him..I got dressed & went to tell my mom I was ready..I couldnt find her in the house, so I went into the porch & saw her & her friend next door and one of the dogs they...
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    They're showing the 1st episode now. So far, it's pretty good.
  17. NVDisMa729

    Britney Spears Gives Birth

    To a baby boy. Now let's see how long her man sticks around LOL
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    Gas Prices

    There's NO gas around anywhere here & I heard from several people gas will be $5.00 in two weeks. F that..I'm walking
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    Stupid People

    The other day I was driving to pick up my man at his job. I had the red light & there was about 5 cars ahead of I was into the music..looking at something on the right when I saw the cars start to I started to lift my foot off the brakes when I looked in front of me & saw a baby...
  20. NVDisMa729

    Back To School

    I start school on monday. I'm kind of excited. I just hope we dont get alot of homework cuz I'm not used to homework..havent did any homework since 8th grade