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    S Factor on ebay!!!! Mez,you sure thats near impossible????LMAO!!!!!! :rasta :read dont think so!
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    Rare records for trade!!

    I have these rare records for trade: Natural Effect-its you i want (Empire Records) mint Full Afekt-remember the days (Afecta Records) (SEALED) Roman-insane (Craze Productions) (SEALED) Infinity feat. Lizzie Perez-im not gonna be the one (Renaissance Recs) mint Liano-take away (Legacy Recs)...
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    CHECK YOUR E-MAILS BUDDY!I tried to e-mail you couple times but they returned back. You might delete or mailbox is full. i just sent you a private message on clubfreestyle.check your PMs. Peace Vasilis
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    Legacy-girls Do It Just For Fun Original 12"

    I have a copy of Legacy-girls do it just for fun on International Latin House Records for trade in perfect shape.THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FIRST PRESS from 1989!Extremely rare freestyle vinyl!If anyone interested,shoot me an e-mail with your offers to: All the best Vasilis
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    Rare Freestyle Records On Ebay!

    Hey, i have the following on ebay for sale: Galley - be mine ORIGINAL RARE 4-Real - (is it) me the one RARE Damian-latin lovergirl...
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    Artie-you are the reason for sale or trade

    Hey, i have a mint copy of Artie-you are the reason with picture cover for sale or trade. Offers at:
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    Sealed Tavio-let him go for sale or trade

    If anybody interested shoot me an e-mail at:
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    NU IMAGE-tears in my eyes remix PROMO on ebay

    Hey, i have a Nu Image-tears in my eyes 95'remix on ebay for sale.Very rare record and very limited pressed! GOOD LUCK BIDDING! Vasilis
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    Rare records on ebay

    Hey there, i have these 2 rare 12" on ebay for sale: Jennifer Mills-you threw it all away Lianta - it's too late Good luck bidding! Vasilis
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    Beyond Control-dont turn away 12" on ebay

    VERY RARE Beyond Control - don't turn away 12" vinyl for sale on ebay! GOOD LUCK BIDDING! Vasilis
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    NEW ARTIST Richie Santiago.WOW!

    Hey buddies, i just heard the 2nd song by Richie Santiago-from the depths.I'm telling you,that song kicks will love it.Unfortunately is still as test press around but had the honor to meet my friend Tanassi K. Richie Santiago's producer. For the people who love quality...
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    Galley-be mine ends soon on ebay

    Hey, Galley-be mine auction ends very soon on ebay.Your chance to get it: Good luck! Vasilis
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    Galley sealed and damian-latin lovergirl on ebay

    Have these 2 rare records on ebay for sale: Damian-latin lovergirl Galley-be mine SEALED good luck...
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    More rare records on ebay

    Hey buddies, just put up on ebay some rare freestyle records for sale: Bonton-crying from a broken heart Mark A-i want you to know Good luck bidding! Vasilis
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    Extemely Rare Claudia(ULTRAHYPE REC) on ebay

    Heres your chance to get that ultra hard to find piece.Same label as Robbie-tears i shed.This may be the last time you see it on ebay: and Buck and kenny-one more chance...
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    Galley-be mine on ebay WOW!!!

    Heres another extremely rare jam out of Cali! Dont miss this one!! good luck bidding Vasilis
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    Mark A-i want you to know RARE Cali freestyle

    Hey, heres another rare freestyle jam out of Cali on ebay! Dont miss this one! Vasilis
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    Bonton-crying from a broken heart on ebay

    This is a very rare freestyle classic!!!Your chance to grab it!! Heres the link: Peace Vasilis
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    Original Nana - be my baby

    Hey, i got a copy of Nana's -be my baby original! Its by Lashaun Janae Paschal from 1988! Anybody has it or know how rare it is?It sounds completely different than Nana! Vasilis
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    Full Afekt-dont leave me now

    Another tough one on ebay..... Good luck bidding!!! Vasilis