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    A Few Lesser Known Freestyle Jams

    Some may know these songs, but many don’t because they were local artists (Bay Area, Ca), so I thought to share my favorites. Sharyn Maceren - Hard To Get M:G - What Do You Remember Emotion in Motion - Forever
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    I’ve Been Thinking About You - Jocelyn Enriquez

    Not a song many people really knew about since she was more of a local girl, who like Jaya, is Filipina. Do You Miss Me was gold in the clubs when I was spinning, but this was the jam. I remember she performed this live at a club I was at.
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    My Top 10 List

    This was hard but going by my most listen songs on ITunes: 1. You’re the One for Me - April 2. Because of You - Cover Girls 3. Where are You Tonight - Coro 4. Bad of Heart - George Lamond 5. Endless Night - Cynthia 6. Boy I’ve Been Told - Safire 7. I Won’t Stop Loving You - C Bank 8. Inside...
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    April - Someone to Hold

    One of my favorite old school freestyle jams.