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  1. CrayoneBoy

    Bylli Crayone & Shana.... 'MIXED SIGNALS'

    New Dance Single 'MIXED SIGNALS' by BYLLI CRAYONE & SHANA PETRONE Due to be released digitally on April 8th, 2016 CD Maxi Single & 7" Picture Disc Vinyl to follow
  2. CrayoneBoy

    Press Release: PRESTO / New Dance ALbum

    BYLLI CRAYONE "PRESTO : ELEMENT OF SURPRISE" [Funusual Records] Email: Web: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lawrence, MA - Dance music recording artist BYLLI CRAYONE...
  3. CrayoneBoy

    New CD & CD Release Party

    The New dance album "PRESTO: ELEMENT OF SURPRISE" Will be released on CD and Digitally on JANUARY 18th, 2011 Includes the single "IT'S OKAY BOY" (Featuring TIFFANY) Yes, That Tiffany 'I Think Were Alone Now' TRACK LISTING: 01. Spinderella Speaks 02. Presto: Element of Surprise 03. Stop...
  4. CrayoneBoy

    It's Not Freestyle But...

    My new dance single "IT'S OKAY BOY" with TIFFANY (yes, that Tiffany / 80s pop) will be released on December 7th on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Thanks for the support new album drops 02/08/11
  5. CrayoneBoy

    Bylli Crayone's "PROVE YOUR LOVE" now on iTunes!

    Yes, Its a cover of the 1987 dance hit made famous by TAYLOR DAYNE. When I was with her a little over a year ago we discussed the idea of me covering that song and she was all for it. In fact, she used to tweet me all the time saying "She cant wait to hear it". Well, the song is finally out on...
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    Sept 6th !!

  7. CrayoneBoy

    A word from LISA LISA

  8. CrayoneBoy

    My Upcoming album ...

    I have an album in the works its about 75% done. It should be complete and ready for the holidays. This is not a typical album for me, this time around I am recording songs with some of my favorite artists of the 80s. It was a crazy idea I came up with last February. Never in my wildest...
  9. CrayoneBoy

    CORO is BACK !!

    New single by Freestyle icon CORO called "SEXY LADY"
  10. CrayoneBoy

    Celebrating 20th Anniversary

    My freestyle song "GIRL HANG IT UP!" Celebrates its 20th Anniversary next year. I am looking for new remixes to include on the 20th Anniversary remix release. if anyone is interested, hit me up for details. Thanks Bylli Crayone
  11. CrayoneBoy

    Girl Hang It Up! (20th Anniversary)

    GIRL HANG IT UP! Celebrates its 20th Anniversary next year! The Song with Remixes are Avaialble now on iTunes, Amazon, etc "GIRL HANG IT UP" by BYLLI CRAYONE
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    Seeking: CYNTHIA 12" Picutre Disc "Like a Star"

    Willing to buy or trade.
  13. CrayoneBoy

    Totally forgot about this site

    Its been years!
  14. CrayoneBoy

    APRIL's new CD available Now

    APRIL's new album "OPEN UP MY EYES" is now available on CD
  15. CrayoneBoy

    APRIL: new website, single, etc

    APRIL is finally back! Listening Party & Live Chat with April coming soon (See her website) She's also on Twitter @TheAprilProject and new single is "HOLD ON" featuring Tito Puente Jr
  16. CrayoneBoy

    APRIL - She's Making a Comeback !!

    Freestyle artist APRIL is making a Comeback! Her new single "HOLD ON" featuring Tito Puente JR will be getting its online debut with a Listening Party and Live Chat on MARCH 18th at 9pm EST. see you there!
  17. CrayoneBoy

    LISA LISA - Signed CD / Photo (ebay)
  18. CrayoneBoy

    Condolences to LISA LISA

    In case you havent heard, LISA LISA mother had past away a couple of days ago. LISA is going through a hard time right now. She even got me in tears as we talked on the phone. But I just wanted to let you all know if you wish to post your condolences, you may do so at...
  19. CrayoneBoy

    Waste Of Time!

    Not sure if anyone here would be interested, but just in case... I have a new single coming out called "WASTE OF TIME". Its not Freestyle, but it is "Dance" and sounds like something Lady Gaga would do (Thats what I been told anyways). I have also been told that the lyrics could be Freestyle. I...
  20. CrayoneBoy

    Attention FREESTYLE Music Producers!

    Attention FREESTYLE Music Producers! APRIL is lookin for one more song for her new album! Got Lyrics and Music? Get at me ASAP !!