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  1. D.Faifs

    Homemade remedies that work?

    Homemade remedies that work I like the pore clarifying mask from MK, but I also like to do some homemade things too. To clean my pores I first boil a pot of water, take it of the heat and place my face over the steam while my head is covered with a towel 10 minutes should be good. Then I beat...
  2. D.Faifs

    TOP 10 for July 2005!!

    TOP 10 for July 2005 Things are getting hot this holiday season. What did everyone think of the Top Chef holiday special?
  3. D.Faifs

    Back With More Great Freestyle Pics!!

    Back With More Great Freestyle Pics needs to write another freestyle one day.. more like stalking you YOUR NEXT KID-Michael Jackson
  4. D.Faifs

    The Top 50 Freestyle Songs of 2005!!!! Here by your votes!!!!

    The Top 50 Freestyle Songs of 2005 Here by your votes Nice job, guys. You guys thought you had all the names for Ben, but you forgot benJAMMIN Oh man. Really good, cant wait for the next one March 17th, right?
  5. D.Faifs

    Friday The 13th freestyle show in Nov.

    Friday The 13th freestyle show in Nov If anyone is interested in competing in a Freestyle show in Albany, Or. Aug. 18th, and 19th please let me know via email ASAP.Thanks and this event is open to anyone that wants to come out and support some of the best freestyle action you will see in this area.
  6. D.Faifs

    How many of you love to drink water?

    How many of you love to drink water I just drink my city tap water. Never had a problem. If Im out an about and thirsty Illl buy a bottle of water, but thats not a regular occurence. Mmmm. Water.
  7. D.Faifs

    WTF SPAM on CF!!!!!!!!

    WTF SPAM on CF can yall do where we dont have to press a button to reply?This spam is crazy its like one new one registers everyday, yall need to do it where a Email is dispached